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Vandalism--Help!!! What can i do to catch these creeps!?
Ok so heres the story-

June 2006 - Sat. morning walk to car to get in for work and discover writing in pink lipstick all over the window, a heart drawn with an arrow through and my live in boyfriend of 5 years initials.

Nasty emails off and on throughout the rest of 2006..on myspace and no way to track them.

Dec. 31st/Jan. 1st- tires are slit on my new car so perfectly that they werent flat when i got in it, but blew out dangerously when i drove it. police took note of this and i told them about prior incidents.

Jan 2nd- hear a car door slam at 1:30 in the morning, so i run outside and see nothing, check my backup car (the one with slit tires is in the shop being safety checked), and now there another heart in lipstick all over the window.

Jan 3rd- boyfriend car gets a heart drawn on it in lipstick.

Cant figure out who it is, nobodys seen nothing, no tracks, no nothing. took pictures of everything and police wrote down incident with slashed tires.

What can i do?
Additional Details
ive ordered a night camera and we have motion lights already- these people come in my yard and do this with lights on!! what can i do else to catch them and get charges filed? new tires for my car were $600.00+ cost of camera $185.00, and my gosh the emotional mess!!! my boyfriend has no idea, thinks maybe an obsessed person, but come on slash my tires- that dangerous! the cop said i could have been killed or seriously injured. other who saw it said somebody wants me hurt!! what can i do? and how did they know i had a backup car from a friend?? are they watching me???? what should i do, im scared about this and tired of it. they are going to get what they deserve!! please help!!

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I definitely agree that you are being stalked. If it were me, the first suspects on the list would be another girl that feels resentment at the relationship that you share with your boyfreind. Also,take a step back and look at your boyfreind objectively as a suspect. You said that he is unconcerned with the incidents and believes you are paranoid. This means that he is either really self-absorbed and unsupportive or he knows something you don't. I am not saying that you should do anything drastic, but just consider everyone. You might want to consider hiring a Private Investigator. I also think that any steps you take from this point on should be kept totally private. The people that are doing this have taken great steps to learn a lot about you. Seeing as they know you had a spare car, they have a reliable resource that is close to you. They have proven to you that they want to harm you, and judging by the way that your tires were slashed expertly, they have experience at doing so. Pay attention to the people you see and keep an eye out for anyone that could be following you. From now on, everyone is a suspect. I hope this helps!

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Kiffin # 1
I was going to suggest a big dog, but thought better of it when I read that your tires were slashed (don't want the dog hurt!); have you thought of hiring a professional bodyguard/watchman/private investigator? Since you already have night cameras, it shouldn't be too difficult to find the creeps who are harassing you. Maybe you and the boyfriend could take turns watching the cars at night? Other than that, there's not much you can do, short of parking in a lighted garage.

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I'd sit up a few nights with a shotgun filled with rock salt. Non fatal (unless at point-blank range) and hurts like HELL.

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I'm so sorry you're having to go through this.

There's no easy way to say it, but if you have no idea who the vandal could be, then your boyfriend might not be giving you honest answers all the time. The heart drawings mean something; it's not just random. And clearly the tire-slashing was very personal.

Given the dangerous way the tires were slashed, I'm surprised the police aren't investigating more thoroughly.

Have you considered hiring a private investigator? Be sure he's licensed and trustworthy, and don't tell anyone, including your boyfriend, that you are doing it. I'd be willing to bet an investigator can help turn up answers.

Good luck.

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Kat Hopkins
It sounds very specifically aimed at your boyfriend. sounds like a crush gone wayyyy bad. He's got himself a stalker. I suggest you talk to him and have him help zero in on who acts forward or odd around him, it might help figure out who is obsessing.

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Don M
I would USE THE CAMERA--and also have the neighbors keep an eye out. Maybe you should have a heart to heart talk with your boyfriend,both of you can't be innocent victims--sounds like something shady has or was going on.
If all else fails, lose the boyfriend and get a dog.
He knows something that you don't..

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*When that camera arrives, aim it at the window that receives the drawings.
*Install a car alarm. If you cannot afford one, just get a blinking red LED light to shove in the windshield of each car. (You can get fake ones from ebay or even off the boxes of kid's light up shoes in the store.) It just might trick them into thinking twice about approaching your vehicles.
*Install motion sensor lights.
*Talk to your neighbors. Ask them to help keep an eye on your property.
*Get a dog. If the dog does not scare them away, it will surely alert you when someone comes near your home or vehicle.

Watch your neighborhood whenever you can. Keep an eye out for suspicious or unfamiliar people and vehicles. Write down license plate numbers. Stalkers are busy stalking day AND night. They just pick the night to carry out their crimes because of the obvious darkness to assist in concealing their identity.

Someone obviously has a thing for your man. No offense, but, is your boyfriend completely monogamous? If he has not gone astray from you at all, this obsessive psycho really wants to get their hands on him.

Good Luck! Keep your question open for as long as possible to update us on the outcome!

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You already know them. This 'Fatal Attraction' person is in one of your pasts or present. You both have to write a list of everyone you have had even the slightest involvement with prior to & during your relationship. Go back one year prior to these occurences and write down anyone you had a date with, rejected, paid you attention, may feel competitive with you. Could be either gender - not necessarily a romantic motivation on their part. Could even be a friend, neighbor or relative that behaves normaly around you. Then look at each name and rate by order of probability. Now write down each incident that has taken place in full detail: Date, time, full descript of the 'crime scene'. Next, write down your routine: when you each get up, go to bed, comes & go to work/ stores/out to eat, etc. Then write a comparison regarding timing of the incidents and your routine. What routine do the people on your list have - to your knowledge.
Fear & panic feed this stalker and the more they get away with, the braver they will get. Creating paranoia is their goal to hurt you. Take your lists and calmy go down to Police Headquarters and meet with an Investigator. Cannot expect instant satisfaction. You have to work with him/her calmy & persistently to get this resolved. Probably has many cases more severe than yours but if you are insistent and proactive you will garner his support.
The camera is a good idea, along with sensor lights & alarms. You have to keep what is happening private between you and the police department. You have to be calm and in control. Each of you carry some pepper spray in case it escalates to a confrontation. Do not go out alone in non public areas, especially at night.
If either one of you is holding back pieces of the puzzle (maybe one of you is afraid to reveal everything to the other) the investigator will lose faith and you might not catch them until they inflict real harm or they just disappear in pursuit of a new target.
Blaming and wishing this wasn't happening, getting upset over the hassle & expense just feeds this stalker. Pretend you are going through Katrina. Just get through it and it will get put behind you. Sooner or later. Hang in there.

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