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 Is it dangerous to close all car windows while having the A/C on?
Many years ago I heard people died from staying in the car having the A/C on. So now when I go to my car for a nap during lunch hour, I am wondering if I should open the window a little bit....

 I'm going to be 18 soon, will I still need to take a written driving test?
At the age of 18, in California do we still have to take a written written driving test in order to get a license?

I know that I will have to take a driver's behind the wheel test ...

 What is 'Right of Way'?
How do pedestrians have it/keep it/get it back?...

 What type of cars are stolen most often?
What type of cars are stolen most often?...

 Can my S-10 blazer pull a 16" trailer with a 3/4 ton truck on it? I am pulling it from Arkansas to Oklahoma ?
I am pulling the truck 347 miles. My blazer has a 4.3 V-6 and is 4x4. Can I do it without tearing my blazer up?...

 Do you know what the law is regarding children in the front of the car?
I have 3 children (3-8yrs) and i am pregnant with no 4 and looking for a new car. I really do not want a people carrier (children seem to just be sitting in a boot in these) and have found the Fiat M...

 Off the Road, old lady?
An 86 year old lady next door to my house should not be driving. She nearly hit my car three times this year.
This week was the worst: She mistakenly turned into my driveway and when she ...

 For who long does a speeding ticket stay on driving record?

 What side of the road are pedestrians and/or bicyclists supposed to stay on?

 Seat belt laws.You can ride a motor bike with no helmet. but must wear a seat belt in your car?
Should be freedom of choice for adult drivers as is helmet laws for motor ...

 Suicide doors?
what are they for?
and why name it that way. "suicide"

and no links plz....

 How do you feel about ariline secruity after 9/11? Better or a pain in the butt?

 Should my airbags have deployed?
my husband hit a deer head on( headlight to headlight) going about 50-60 miles and hour. it crinkled the whole front end and busted the radiator and the ac condensor after he hit it he ran over the ...

 Is it a legal requirement for an LGV vehicle to carry a spare wheel?

 At what age do i turn my childs car seat to the forward postion?
as i cant find the instructions for my BRITAX Si-Pro and i cant find info on there site

thanks ...

 Okay call me dumb,but shoud i use my overdrive in my car in snow and ice...i have a ford focus...thanks?
also,what's with this traction control thing..i have a 2006 zx3...

 When u pass on a hwy. do you allow a whole car length before pulling into right lane?
I hate cruise control because pple pull right within inches of the car they are passing....

 Is it possible for this to happen or is it just a myth?
I've heard that if you cut or put a hole in the gas line in a car, close to the engine, that the car will explode. Is that true or is it a myth?...

 In your point of view, are airbags safe or unsafe?

 Can i drive in the car with my friend in back seat while my mom is in the passengers seat??
i got my permit and i was lookin at the rules for driving and it say, u may only drive with a parent in the front seat and no one else can be in the front ...

Is it safe to leave the car running in the garage if the door is open?
My wife doesn't want to walk on the snow so she opens the garage door and starts the car.

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Of course you can leave the car on when the door is open. The only reason you can't when the garage is shut is the exhaust fumes build, not good...

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Not a real good Idea if you have an attached garage. If you do you may want to have a CO detector intstalled in the house near the door. If the wind is blowing the wrong way you could actually have the exaust blow into the house

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kenneth h
That ia fine

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No, I would not advise it. Near where I live a lady left her car running, went in the house and forgot. A relative came by later, car still running and the lady dead in the house from carbon monoxide poisoning.

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well it all depends on where you live. Here in the British Virgin Islands it is completely safe. However, in other parts of the world someone might take off with your vehicle!!

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It depends on how much ventilation is in your garage. If she isn't in the garage long, and the car isn't running very long, then yes, you can start your car and then get in and go. However, I wouldn't let it run for more then say, 5 minutes or so.

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Mickey F
So she would rather fill the house with deadly Carbon monoxide right? Idiots! Hot gassed rise and the door open does what?? Right,lets cold air in and causes the hot gas to rise, into the home, where you and maybe some other people are! So everyday she's to lazy to back the car out and warm it up? Driving a car slowly warms it up without wasting fuel, so start thinking before we have to read about another tragedy in the news because of stupidity!

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yes as long as it is not coming into the house

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Water weasels
completely safe, i bet my life on it every morning

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No. Even with the garage door open, it sometimes is still not enough to vent the carbonm dioxide emitted from your car. Also, leaving your car unattended and running is an invitation for car thieves.

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I would back out the back of the car so it is hanging outside a few feet so you don't get as much exhaust in the house.
If there is a room above the garage, I would make sure that the car is all the way outside to warm up as the exhaust goes up pretty easily.

Good Luck!

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