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 Why do we not have laws banning cell phone use while driving (unless a hands-free device is used)?
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 What do you do while you drive?
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Is it legally documented somewhere that it is wrong or dangerous to drive an automatic vehicle with both feet?
If so, where?

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i dont think so i just find it a lot easier to use one foot.

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There is no good reason to use two separate feet for the gas and the brake. You don't need both at the same time so just use one foot.

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Pedro S
no...some people do it.

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Every states driving manual says it's wrong...

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Use some common sense here. If you were driving belind a person who used both feet, how would you know when he is stopping? The brake lights would be on all the time. Also it wears down the brakes faster.

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Miss Motor Mouth
There is no such law in the US. It is a driver's ed practical thing- if you drive with a foot resting on the brake you will do damage to your car.

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dodge man
there used to be a section in the old driving manuals that told not to drive with both feet,that was like 35 years ago when i got my license,it did say to use one foot for both pedals,but i don't think its in the newer manuals,that may be where they got that from,its not a good idea to get used to driving like this,although some people drive good either way ,that may be where they got that from though,good luck.

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no, just frowned upon, because then you are not prepared to drive a manual if you need to...

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Scott H
It's common sense. Why wouldn't you drive with only one foot? Just because it's possible to drive with two feet doesn't make it a good idea. You only need one foot on either the gas pedal or the brake pedal at any given time. You never need one foot on each. I can't think of any possible reason to be pressing the gas and the brake simultaneously.

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Fred C
It is not against the law in any place I know of, but it is a stupid thing to do, simply because, in an emergency, there is always the possibility of slamming on the brakes and giving full throttle at the same time. Don't laugh, people do it!
People who drive an auto 2-footed are also far more likely to ride the brake lightly, without realizing it, and overheat the brakes, wearing them out thousands of miles earlier.
Plus, a 2-footed auto transmission driver will have a ridiculously hard time ever learning to drive a standard transmission car.
Nobody teaches driving an auto with 2 feet for those reasons.
Note this manual for driver educators specifies student is to use right foot only for both gas and brake (just over halfway down page).

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The Mr. Pine
Where and when you take your drive test it is.

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I have both my feet and drive an automatic all the time.

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Dirty D
Never heard that one but I do know riding the brakes can screw up the break pads and the rotors.

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It is not illegal to drive with two feet.

And in response to some of the other responders, let me write this.

While driving with two feet is normally only done in a standard transmission vehicle, some people drive automatics that way. (I am one. My main car is a standard.) I have driven that way since I began driving over 40 years ago. And my brakes last longer than friends and relatives who drive with one foot. If a person is a good driver then s/he knows not to keep a foot actually ON the brake pedal. That would be just dumb. When you drive a standard with two feet do you keep your foot pressed on the clutch? No? So, why would you press the brake while driving with two feet?

I know quite a few people that 'ride the brake' when they drive with only ONE foot.

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