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Benny G
Is it legal to go 10 mph over the speed limit?
Scenario: I am driving on the freeway at 75MPH and the speed limit is 65MPH. Is that legal?

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I'm 15 1/2, and I usually go like, 75-80 on the interstate (keeping up with the flow of traffic) and thats in the SLOW lane! lol its awesome! but the cops don't usually pull people over if they are going the same speed as the cars around them. Now if you dont' want to be caught speeding, keep a car infront of you (don't be the first car in a group) since their radar detecters will only hit the first car inline (but if you are on the interstate, then there will be 2 lanes, so the first cars in each lane will be able to be "hit" with the radar gun) so travel in a pack if you want to speed...

Good Luck!

PS, its not even legal to go 1 over....

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no.... if you go one mile OVER the speed limit it's illegal you're not supposed to go over....

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Kiffin # 1
Well, what do you think? Of course it is not legal to do 75 in a 65; you're asking for a speeding ticket. In some places, you MAY get away with 10% over, but even that is depending upon the discretion of the police officer. I wouldn't count on the leeway to travel at 71 and a half and NEVER, ever go ten mph over the limit!!

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synaptic's mommy
the rule of thumb is that they won't book you (if you're not driving dangerously) if you arn't going 10% above the limit. eg 6.5mph over a 65 mph limit = 71.5mph

But if you sideswipe them then its all over, and you'll get a speeding ticket for sure!

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Sure , as long as you dont get caught :P

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Jay Bailey
Not in North Carolina. 6 over is illegal, however Cops dont Stop you untill your 10 over. The courts throw it out if not 10 over or better.

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dodge man
no they will allow you 5 miles over ,this is common,but usually ten they will pull you over,all of this really depends on how good traffic is flowing on the free way its its moving on pretty steady usually they wont bother you,but they can ,good luck .

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No it is illegal you can only go 5 mph over the speed limit

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Scott H
No, what part of speed LIMIT don't you understand? The speed limit is the maximum legal speed, not a speed suggestion.

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Sec Educashun
It is with an X50 radar detector.

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the legal speed is 65MPH. what do you think?

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I know that people do that all the time...but you can be cited for going over the speed limit. But sometimes it is safer to keep up with the flow of traffic even if that means going over the limit a little bit.

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no its not even legal to go 51 in a 50 the police sometimes let you go 5 miles over the limit thats only becouse they want to they can still give you a ticket!

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The posted speed limit signs usually say "maximum" at the top (at least they do here), and that's in optimum driving conditions.........and that's the legal speed limit.
Here the police USUALLY set their speed traps at about 10 over the limit, but some do set them lower.
I think that if you have to pass a vehicle, or get out of a dangerous situation by speeding up, it would be overlooked, but any speeding can get you pulled over by the police. You may get a warning letter, which goes on your file, or you may get a verbal warning, or you could get a fine. It's the police's call.

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No, that is why it is called the speed limit. most cops don't care about 5mph over but a lot will pull you over at 10mph or more over. in my city St. Louis the fines go. from 1-5mph over its $73, from 6-10 over its $83, from 11-15 over its $108, from 16-19 over its $133, from 20-25 over its $208 and over that you have to appear in court.

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not it's a speed LIMIT not a speed go ten miles over

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I believe it "IS" actually a speed limit and not just a suggestion. The thing when your on the highway is to NOT be the fastest car in the general vicinity. If you got a ticket for 10 over,you really have no defence. GOOD LUCK.

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NO - a spped limit sign is a regulatory sign, and therefore is the law. It is never legal for you to exceed that - that is the speed limit under ideal driving conditions.

However, many states give their police officers some flexibility in deciding what they ticket, so you may not get a ticket, but it is still not legal.

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