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 Does it do any good if a civilian reports a reckless driver?
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 Is it okay for me to sit on the hood of my car?
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 At what age can you start driving a car legally? ?
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 I got a bike helmet ticket....a while ago so what do i do???
I got a bike helmet ticket....a while ago so what do i do??? pay the fine or go to the court which is in bout 2/3 weeks....or do both. this is my first ticket AND IM ONLY 14 -_-
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 When driving, what is meant by the term, "He cut me off."?
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 Any tips for staying relaxed when you are being bullied by an aggressive driver?
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 What are the disadvantages of riding vehicles at the age of 18 ?
plz dont tell me rubish ans n also plz dont tell that increase noise pollution , air pollution n all
i just want disadvantages for ...

 How can I overcome flight fright?

 Driving theory test???
got my driving theory test tomorrow, any last minute tips?????

Additional Details
@Kevin..totally agree about the cd-rom, very repetitive, making learning easier, ...

 When an airbag deploys in an accident can it be painful?

 Speed limits?
As the speed limit on most roads is maximum 100 km/h, why do the automakers give the ability to go faster than that?
Additional Details
I'm not looking for stupid, obvious answers ...

 What should u do if someone follows your car?
i live in la where road rage is common, but what happened yesterday had never happened to me b/f. so u know when theres 2 lanes in each direction & ur in the right lane & sometimes the right ...

 What is the proper course of action, during ANY type of loss of directional control in a vehicle in snow(ice)?

Is it legal to disconnect my air bag?
I live in florida and dont know if it`s legal for me to disconnect my driver side airbag.It only has the one.Thanks!
Additional Details
Please provide a link or something to prove this.I cant find it on google.

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Airbags are supplemental restraint systems, and are not required in any state. You can legally disconnect your airbag.

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If you do and are involved in an accident, your insurance will not pay!

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Clay H
You do not want to disable the driver side airbag. They only cause deaths when you sit much too close to them (closer than a foot from them is not recommended), or if you are extremely short and light (smaller than the average 12 year old. Airbags prevent a lot more injuries than they cause and if they came with your vehicle you are not supposed to remove them.

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denis s
it would be illegal because it is one of the saftey aspects for your car also your veheicle may not fuction properly if this is done so check saftey guide lines and the other funtions it may affecct

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Not sure, but I know you're supposed to disconnect the passenger side airbag if you have a child or infant riding in the front (like in a pick-up truck).

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sastro 5
It's verry incridible action because the air bag is making you more safely if you got accident

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Why on earth would you want to?
It's safer for u if u crash... --Don't be a dummy!

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absolutley you can, but i feel for you if you crash!

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doug b
federal law requires air bags and state laws do not override them.it is illegal to disconnect the air bag unless you can prove a medical reason and apply for a waiver from the feds.it is a 2500.00 fine and prison time to violate it and the info is on the nhtsa site

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