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Is it legal to carry a unloaded cased shotgun behind my seat of my truck everyday in michigan?
i carry the gun unloaded and in a case everyday i was wondering if this is legal what i looked up led me to belive it is so any info would help i also was wondering about a machete in a sheath its part of a survival pack i have thanks alot

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don't think so check with the DMV

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Javier M
You can transport an unloaded firearm that you legally own. It has to be away from the driver and separate from any ammo. I would hesitate on the machete, though.

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Pete T
Weird as it may seem, in most states carrying a shotgun in that location is covered by the Fish and Game Commission , so checking with them would probably be your best bet.

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You can carry the gun unloaded and in a case in your truck, but, the way I have understood the laws is that you must be en route to a target range, hunting area or to and from a gunsmithing store. I don't believe you can have it in your truck everyday, unless your going to one of those places every day. Sometimes it depends on the mood of the cop that pulled you over to determine if you can do that or not. I would at least check with the county sheriffs department to see if it's alright. If you feel the need to have a firearm with you at all times I suggest getting your CPL (concealed pistol license), but there are alot of hoops to jump through and also some money involved. I did it and I carry my pistol with me just about all the time. People always ask "why", and I say "because I can, and you never know when you'll need it".

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I believe it is but not in the city of Detroit.

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In general that is legal in Michigan but check with the authorities in any city you plan to be in for local restrictions.

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