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 Well would you believe it?
I helped someone by giving some advice on this site, about how to drive carefully in the snow............I wish i told the bloke behind me this morning, who smashed into the back of my car!

Is it illegal to block access to a road even if not parked illegally so the emergency services cant gain Acces?
i live in a cul-de-sac and for the last month or so (god knows why) cars have been parking on both sides of the road, none are illegally parked as there are no single or double yellow lines, BUT there is not enough room between the cars for anything larger than a transit van to pass between!!! which means there is no acces for ambulance or fire engine to the 80 or so houses further on?? HELP>

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don r
Get your city to post no parking on one side of the street. People live on both sides of the street so they park in front of their houses and it covers both sides. It's against the law to have two wheels on the sidewalk, so decide what to ask for. Do you want to park on the other side of the street, or in front of your own house?

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1 if you r parked legally you are parked legally.... if you're worrying you should notify fire dept and city/town/county whichever rules your burg...

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Michael S
Yes, it is an offence to park in the way you describe. The vehicles causing the obstruction can be removed. I have known Fire service, to cut the handbrake cables and push cars out of the way! Failing to remove an obstruction when required by police can lead to arrest (UK).

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esmerelda v
The best way to sort this is to visit your local council / contact local councilor

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my road is like that, most people have driveways but never use them, so everyone is always double parked and the b**terds always park over my fookin drive!

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It is illegal to obstruct or impede emergency services.Simple answer.

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loves christmas lights
You may have to visit like a town hall meeting, but to push it through faster call the Fire Dept and let them know of this condition and you are concerned that if there was a fire, they would not be able to get thier truck through to those 80 homes. I would notify the PD and city hall zoning or such, and between those 3 agencies and a visit to town hall meetings you might get it pushed through faster.

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Don't know about illegal but bloody stupid!

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desert camel
well i can tell you one thing..if lives are at stake,say in a fire,the fire engine is ''allowed'' to move the cars.

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check the highway code!

But if an emergency vehicle cant get up the street they have the right to have the cars moved or move them out of the way.

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old know all
If they block access, they are illegally parked. A quiet word with your local police station will get them all booked one night when there's not much crime going on.

But don't worry. If you need a fire engine, Biffo will make short work of the parked cars.

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Jackson P
If they are blocking access then they are illegally parked.

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