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Bob B
Is it illegal for police to sit on the side of the road with all there lights out?

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in ohio -yes it is not allowed,cannot say about other states

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Yes and no. They become a road hazard if all their lights are out. I'd fight that one in court. However its your word against theirs. In some areas the police are required to keep their running lights on when running radar. In other smaller areas I doubt it.

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Kay R
Probably not and even if it is do they usually listen to laws? I know around here police don't follow driving laws.

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Johnny Speed
The rules do vary from state to state, but usually, as long as they are safely removed from traffic, they can park where they choose.

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Yes it is, they need to be somewhat visable in case another car or person walk by or drive by so they don't crash into it.

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Miss Tia
Uh dont know but they do what they wanna do!

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No, it is not illegal, as long as they are not in the travel lanes. Many times there is a legitimate reason for a police officer to sit on the road without lights. He may be running radar, or other speed monitoring devices, or he may be watching for a certain, wanted, vehicle. He may just be observing traffic, and knows that drivers alter their behavior when they see a police car!

It seems to me that you were caught in a speed trap, and are now looking for a loophole to get out of the ticket. Sorry, this one will not work!!!

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Of course not! Why on earth would it be illegal? As long as they are not creating a road hazard by doing so, there is no reason for them to have any lights on.

The cop hiding on the median strip at night with his radar on is not creating a hazard as he's well off the roadway. Don't waste your time trying to raise that issue if you're contesting the ticket.

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No but it is illegal (at least in the state of WA) for an unmarked police car to chase you. Thats what my brother said, and he is a cop.

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Yes...they have to have there parking lights on.

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