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 Car crash,back ended,help?
while waiting to right i was back ended and my daughter was hurt ,she had pain in her head and neck,i was shaken up so while isat there seeing to my daughter and talking to the other driver, as no ...

 Do we need child car seats in a TAXI in st. L, MO?

 WHY don't school buses have seat belts?
Here in PA they never have and I just don't get it....they are so tough on the seat belt laws for passenger cars and trucks, I want to know how our kids are safe by sittin there bouncing all ...

 What should I do about an annoying neighbor in the parking lot?
In our parking lot we have 2 parking spots each, unassigned. My neighbor yelled at my friend because she was in her husband's spot and he would be home from work soon. 3 hours after the incident ...

 When you are in a street corner....?

When you are in a street corner and you are about to take a right, and the main light is red as well as the corner street is red, can you yield it? Or do you have to wait? I was ...

 Pennsylvania Law. Tires sticking out past fenders?
In PA is it legal or illegal for tires to stick out past your cars fenders? I am talking about Jeeps and what not. Off-road cars....

 What color are traffic yield signs?
i live in ...

 At what age can a child drive a car unaccompanied on private land?

 Should the national speed limit on motorways (70mph) be increased/stay same/decreased?

 What are the traffic safety symbols and signs?
transportation ...

 Do you get used to driving busy highways?
I had license for around 7 months, never had any accidents but I do not like driving highways, especially with fast busy traffic.. I do not mind driving around town, or back roads.. like i am scared ...

 Rules of the road #3?
I – Identify
P – Predict
D – Decide
E – Execute
Explain how each of these points works while driving. In your answer include examples in city driving and highway driving....

 Rules of the road #1?
A – Actions
R – Reactions
C – Consequences
Explain how these relate to us in life situations; in driving situations....

 If someone had been in a car crash before what would you ask them?

Additional Details
I meant what would you ask them about the car accident and being in ...

 Do you guys have any tips on how to park a car well? Whenever I park in the shopping center, its always...?
too much to one side...any tips?...

 They need to raise the driving age, y/y?
I just got rammed in the back, again, by teenagers!


No one under 20 should even be testing for a license.

Additional Details
**** you ...

 What do you if your about to get in a car accident?
i got in a car accident today and luckily i didn't even know it was coming. If you tense up your muscles when your about to get hit, are you more likely to get injured?...

 Is there an age limit for...?
is there a legal age limit for which your parents/an adult can leave their children home alone by themselves??? my mom got children services called by my brothers father b/c she left me, and them at ...

 Hit and run incident?
My friend was involved with a hit and run incident couple days ago. His car hit another car from the back. There is no damage on either car, he told me that his car only slightly touched the back of ...

 Regulations on taking car doors off?
I've seen plenty of jeeps around with their doors removed in the summer. Is this only a jeep thing? It only takes me a few minutes to remove the doors on my Bronco. Would it be legal for me to ...

Is it bad to drive long distances on a broken strut?

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short shrimp
Quite unsafe.

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its bad to drive anywhere with a broken strut

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Friendly Stranger..
Driving on broken strut is dangerous. More over driving anywhere with damage like that is hazardous. Your car could easily lose control, and you may just end up causing a car accident.

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Vince M
The distance of the trim doesn't matter. If the condition is dangerous, it is just as dangerous during the first mile as it is along any part of the trip.

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