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 I started driving in driver's ed today and sucked it up big time. Is it normal to be this bad a turning?
At first I did everything wrong... I stopped in the middle of the street to let someone in who didn't have the right away on one of the busiest streets in my town. I was constantly almost ...

 Do you wear your seatbelt when traveling?
If not then what is the reasoning and what would convince you to?...

 Failure to stop at a stop sign!!?
I got a ticket for not stopping. I went to fight it in court and took pictures and measurements of the "crime scene". In AZ, by law, you have to stop at the first stop line, and if theres ...

 When you are at a four way stop, and there are cars, who do you let go first?
when there are four cars at a four way, who do you let go first, the car on your left, or the car on the right?...

 Speed Limit?? Do you abide?
Refering to both inner-city and interstate driving, how close do YOU stay to the actual speed limit?

Do you go slightly over/under?

Are you a speed-deamon or one of those who ...

 I have a question about driving?
i have been driving for oh i guess 20 years and was wondering about the proper way to do this....you are at an intersection making a left turn....the oncoming car is also making a left turn...do you ...

 Do you drive drunk?

 Who else thinks older people should have to retake driving tests?
Teens may be less experienced drivers, but in my recent cases it seems its the older crowd making more mistakes.
Additional Details
when reading the question carefully you will see that ...

 WHY @ Night does it seem like everyone except me is driving with their BRIGHTS on...??

 Will using neutral help alleviate sliding on ice in order to aid brakes by stopping auto pull in drive?
Auto transmission. Going downhill on ice, car still pulls in drive while brake is being used which causes a problem with stopping and sliding into a skid can occur.
Additional Details

 Why do police officers make a big deal about speeding and want to call it a safety issue when its a money grab
Let me explain

I received a ticket for 77 in a 65 on a 4 lane major hwy that had little traffic and no traffic lights. The cop wanted to start preaching safety to me (after he wrote me the ...

 Bike Safety???
5 months ago I was leaving a parking lot and there was a SUV blocking my view so I pulled out to make sure no cars were coming. A bicyclist hit my front right tire. It bent her wheel. The police ...

 Is it true that commercial airlines will not hire you if your name is Jack?
because a friend might see you and say hi, Jack, you know like a hijack. In fact I hear its an inside joke that I'd you apply to be a pilot with that name they just say bye, jack!

my ...

 Should charter buses have seat belts?

 I flipped my car?
2 days ago i flipped my car i got out ok and stuff but now im really nervous to start driving again so do i need to wait a little longer (or is that going to make it worst) or just go ahead and get ...

 Bought a car nine months ago it was guaranteed for six months by the garage .I took it for a nct test this?
morning it failed on a number of things eg hand brake dip light also a bent bar underneeth the car i think all these things should have been checked out by the garage when i bought the car they told ...

 What if the average age to sit in the front seat of a car?
i think i am old enough to sit in the front seat of my mom's car but she thinks i am to young. so i am asking what the average age to sit in the front seat....

 Why are vehicles made to exceed the speed limits here in the US?
I've always wondered why cars, trucks, motorcycles which are intended for street use are made to exceed, sometimes they easily double, the national speed limits?

When should you need ...

 If there is not a handicap parking sign mounted can u park if your not handicap?
There is a handicap picture on the pavement, but not a mounted sign. A resident where I work was ...

 Does this auto collision police report make sense?
So It is a yellow light, so I proceed to go forward. There is a big semi to my left, which blocks perhaps a third of the intersection. All of a sudden, a driver makes a left turn in front of me, and I...

last m
In a serious collision there is a ____ chance of your car catching on fire.?
A. 0%

B. .04%

C. Greater Than 50%

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Michael S
Silly question! Too many factors involved to calculate an answer!

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A. 0% fire if no spark in fuel tank / reservoir after collision. C. 50% fire if have spark in fuel tank / reservoir after collision.

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the lock man
c- and i say this because in a mjor collision- your rupupturing fuellines and have a lot of sparks going on

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David B
The usual odds given in professional literature are < or = 0.1%.

- David

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Anna L

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Box Monkey

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I agree with Fire4511

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Seeing as there are cases where a car catches fire after a collision, we know that A is incorrect.

Seeing as over half the cars in serious collisions do not catch fire, we know that C is incorrect.

Eliminating A & C, that leaves B as the only possible answer to your question I do not have figures to back up B being correct, but I do know that A & C are not correct.

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