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If you are legally blind and on SSI benefits will they cut off if you get a drivers license?
Optometrist said since I see well at a distance but not up close that I could get a license.

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well knowing that i would say no but u know our goverment,if u cant see up close i would rather u not drive u need to have good vision to drive.

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dodge man
i own a shop,and actually they will ,to get the benefits you must not be able to qualify to drive,so if you can drive they will say you don't need the benefits,its a catch 10 either way you go these days.good luck hope this helps.

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There was a story about a blind person getting a handicap sticker for a car and complaints by certain governmental people. Then it was reported was for a caregiver to drive a car so that the blind person who couldn't walk very well would be able to not have to go as far on foot.

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yes; a person cannot drive a car being legally blind.Believe me, SSI/SSDI finds out everything.When a person signs up for disability, one promises to report any changes in your condition.
When a person goes to the DMV to apply for a drivers license, you must take a vision test. If you pass, then you are NOT legally blind!
How were you able to be eligible for SSI/SSDI anyways?

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If you get the license let me know what state you live in so I can make sure NEVER to visit. Just because your Optometrist made a poor judgment call about you getting a license doesn't mean you should run right out and get one. Also having a driver’s license has no bearing on your SS. I would assume you’re on SSI because you are disabled. There are plenty of disabled people who have DL and are still on SSI. In your case for your own well being, MY TAX dollars in the event that someone sues you, (Because you most likely could not afford an attorney and will need a state appointed one) the lives of others, and your own family. PLEASE do not get a drivers License.

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A person is considered LEGALLY blind when the best corrected visual acuity is 20/200, or the person's visual field is 20 degrees or less. It is not true that all blind persons have absolutely no sight; in fact, most blind persons have some remaining vision. A person may be considered blind when he/she can no longer drive safely, has difficulty reading a newspaper, or cannot see objects to the side. If your optometrist is willing to attest to your ability to operate a motor vehicle and you pass the eye and driving tests, then you should be OK. Your SSI payments should not be affected because you are still considered 'impaired'. It's like a paraplegic is impaired from doing other things, but they can still operate a car that is outfitted properly. They still are entitled to their payments too.

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i'm sorry but if you are "LEGALLY BLIND" you can't get a driver's license, period. thats like the state accepting total liability for your operation of a vehicle. if a doctor's report says legally blind, you can't drive.

hammer your 'optomotrist'. thats why there's a physician opthalmologist in the office. ask the actual MEDICAL SPECIALIST, not the 2 yr certificate personnel.

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So if a little girl is standing in front of your vechicle are you going to see her or you still looking further away? What about your speedometer, you have to be able to see that! Maybe you should talk to DMV first - sounds risky. Then worry about keeping the paycheck coming in to take care of the outrageously expensive insurance policy they're gonna give you. Good Luck - I hope it works out!

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Well my first question to you is what happens when the far away becomes close?
What happens if a child runs out between two cars and you even touch him or her without hurting? If I found out that you were legally blind and you had ran into my son, I would call in the meanest attorney that I could find!

Secondly, if you are on SSI and you can drive, then you can drive to work, and thus do not need the SSI

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Nettie Black
You're optometrist is cracked i'm afraid. If you're legally blind you won't be able to get a liscence... ever. So no, you won't have to worry about benefits being cut off.

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The Mr. Pine

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