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 Do cars that have a head on collision become Siamese cars?

Additional Details
Actually I do know someone in a head on collision. The Police officer called the car wreck siamese cars....

 How do you get on with your life after getting hit by a car?

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oh it was a hit and run and my accident put my family further into ...

 Airbag fault comes on the dashboard is there anyone can fix it?

 What proportion of cyclist fatalities not wearing helmets?
In what proportion of cycling fatalities in England between 1995 and 2005 was the casualty not wearing a cycle helmet?...

 What do you think of this video of an NYC Police Officer attacking a bicyclist...
... during the 25 July 2008 Critical Mass Bike Ride?

A third-generation freethinker

 What is a good proposal/solution to stop a teenager from driving while drunk?
I thought about there should be a law where a breathalyzer should be installed in a car so that when a teenager breathes into it the car wont start.

What else do you think?...

 Does gasoline really explode when your mobile phone is on?
In gas stations in the Philippines, there are always markers that tell drivers to turn off mobile phones. I have also experienced twice where gas attendants scold me when i text message my friends. i ...

 Seatbelt and helmet laws...?
Do you think it's right to have laws that make people wear seatbelts or motorcycle helmets? I don’t think we should have those laws so that natural selection can take its course. Just let ...

 Can you turn?
You are driving along a busy London road and approaching junction with a traffic light hoping to turn right.
You are in the right hand lane of a 2 lane carriageway. A similar 2 lane carriageway ...

 On some days, the roads are full of really bad drivers. Some days there are lots of rude people on here...Why?

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How come people do things in mass waves?...

 Why do people travel in cars and what ever can't they walk if it's a short drive like 15 minutes and they get
come on get smarter and exercise don't sit on the couch and watch t.v fat guy's or girls!!!!!!!!!!...

 If a car is being run without any water, is there a risk of the car catching fire?
Ie - rad leak ...

 No baby seat.?
When you travel with an infant in the back seat of a car what is the proper procedure? My wife puts the seat belt around her lap and then sits our 17 month old on top of her (facing forward) and ...

 I was ticketed in an accident in IL, but the other driver admitted liability. could this revoke my ticket?
I was ticketed for "failure to reduce speed to cause an accident". The car in front of me hit a large patch of black ice and spun 90 degrees. I was following at a reasonable distance(40 ...

 Why dont drivers respect the rule of SLOWER TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT.?
Why dont you stay in the right hand lanes unless you are going around another vehicle?...

 If you are going 200mph in a ferrari and make the SHARPEST turn possible will it flip.?
By sharpest turn i mean as if you are trying to make a complete 90 degree turn. Will it flip?...

 Car wheel nuts loose????
Today 4 nuts on the wheel of my car were loose. 3 were fully off and 1 not tight. I want to know if this can happen naturally or whether you think this has possibly been tampered with....

 Are 4-wheelers legally allowed to be operated on country roads? My 4-wheeler has headlights and brake lights?

 Speed cameras?
being used from horse boxes? fair or not? just been on the news....

 As far as I know it is illegal for the police to exceed the speed limit without showing audio and visual i?
Then why if I am doing 70 on the motorway a police car comes sceaming past without any waring signs surley they are breaking the ...

If there is no line at a stop sign to show where to stop, where do you stop?
A. 10 feet behind stop sign
B. At stop sign
C. far enough to see cars coming

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c.or a. is mostly best or any of your answers is the mostly correct answer too you, maybe not to me or anybody else , ask somebody though . they can might help you figure out your answer and you might want to ask a person in person it's ok if your clueless about this but t would be the right thing to do and so , pick your answer and it doesn't matter much if you don't follow my answer but i hope you have a safe drive when like someone is driving or you is driving so , hope this does actuallt help! bye....

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c. far enough so you can see either direction. alot of the time if you stopped at the sign you would have no idea if the road is clear or not.

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Your answer is 10 foot behind, the first stop then move up to where you can see, if need be

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Second answer is correct.

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B. Legally, anyway, to avoid a ticket. You may have to do B and then C if it's poorly placed.

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stop just behind the stop sign then ease up so you can see oncoming cars

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You stop with the front of your car at the stop sign... if your view is obstructed (c) then you move forward when safe to observe further.

but the correct answer is B

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I would say B or C, depends on the situation. Get to B first and if u can't see incoming cars, then go to C.

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Bad 33
I would have to say letter c. Only because I have been driving for about 2 months and i got clipped by another car when I stopped directly at the stop sign. Good Luck! Don't get clipped.

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