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I have an air con gas leak somewhere on my car is it dangerous?

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Niall G
No, the modern refrigerant is called R134a, is not harmful to health and is not an explosive gas. It is also environmentally friendly unlike the old refrigerant gas R12 which was phased out from 1993.

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martin r
yes it can be get it sorted

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Lacey Lottie
I Think So Best Get It Checked Out

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william p
not really dangerous unless you directly inhale in concentrated forms. a small leak wont make you sick. it will make your ac not work. if this is an older car, youll probably need to get the o-rings changed. its a lot of work.

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The typical refrigerant used in car A/C is not poisonous. However, it can suffocate you if you breathe too much of it. Some A/C systems use hydrocarbon refrigerants and these can explode on contact with a flame or spark. However, hydrocarbon refrigerants are not common -- you almost certainly have the non-flammable R134a refrigerant.

To respond to another answer, the older R-12 Freon is very non-toxic. If released directly on your skin, it can cause frostbite, but it is not otherwise toxic. In fact, it's quite inert. However, you can suffocate from too much of it, just like with R134a.

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get it checked

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҉Fuzzy҉ - ҉No-Nosed҉ - ҉Chimp҉
The system doesn't really contain enough gas to cause a problem. If the entire contents of the system vented into the cockpit of the car all at once it might get uncomfortable and could go bang if you struck a match, but a regular small leak should only concern you as far as the cost of fixing it.

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yes! if its an old car and has R-12 gas its dangerous for you and the atmosphere as its a CFC based gas. The new stuff being
used is R-134a, which is a HCFC, but you still don't wanna vent it into the atmosphere if you can help it. the gas isn't flammable or explosive so no worries there, but breathing it in can mess you up.

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Yeah, you may freeze.

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