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 Driving test, plz help?
hi peepz,

i have my driving test 1 week 2day, i am very nervous about it because i brought it down by a month and a harf (from 4th july to the 22nd may) i feel confident when i drive but ...

 Do 4 X 4 trucks need additional weight in the bed for winter traction?
I used to put additional weight in the bed of my old two wheel drive truck, but am not sure if it is necessary in my new 4 wheel drive truck....

 Car accident?
Whose fault would it be if car 1 was @ a stop sign. Car 1 stopped @ the stop sign then after looking both ways and seeing it's safe to cross, car 1 crossed the intersection more than 3/4 of the ...

 I was crossing the road when a car passed me driven by a lady with a veil on and only two eyes showing.?
I wondered if anyone knew what the regulations are about this? it was obvious this lady was having problems turning her head. and what about her photo on her licence.Do they accept just two eyes or ...

 Do you think it is possible for me to fit a toddler car seat and an infant car seat in a dodge neon?

 I was severly slandered by another school bus driver?
OK....I discussed an incident where I let some little kids out in front of a school when a funeral procession was taking place a few years back. What was I supposed to do? It was a couple of ...

 Should teenagers be let drive at 17 or 18?
Hi folks. i am doing a Radio production Course and have to make a small half hour mock radio program and need to ask people tvarious questions so please help :)...

 Can some one help me???
Which one is it???

In order to maintain a safe following distance, we use the _________.
a. 1car length per 10 mph rule
b. 12 second rule
c. 4 second rule <...

 What does it mean when someone flashes their headlights of their car? Is that worse than honking someone?
My friends always do it, instead of honking, also on the road I see people do it as well but never knew what it really means....

 What color traffic light do you have to stop at?

 Why do black people avoid cross walks?

Additional Details
There'll be a crosswalk 20 feet away, but they just cross the street expecting everyone to stop for them....

 Does anyone know if you can shunt artics around a company yard if you don't have a hgv license.?

 While driving at night why do some people keep there headlights on full beam constantly?
Isn't it illegal?
Additional Details
Flashing them or getting your own back is all well and good, but if there happens to be a police car in the area, aren't you committing an ...

 Is there a law which says that when a vehicle is parked at least two wheels must be on the pavement?
I think such a law must exist as where I live over half the drivers park partially on the pavement and the police seem to ignore this....

 Are you allowed to turn left into a driveway/parking lot across double yellow lines?

 If i build my own child car seat out of wood can i legally use it?
I made a very nice custom made child carseat. Can it be legally used or is there some method of certification....

 Picture the scenario here...On a dual carriageway you are in the overtaking lane approaching an island(not a?
particularly large one) an Artic in front of you has approached the island a little ahead of you. Do you always hang back over taking him just in case his back end strays across to your side as he ...

 Have you ever been in a car accident?

 Can passengers consume alcohol in a vehicle?
Can anyone please tell me what are the rules regarding passengers drinking alcohol in a vehicle? I've always been under the impression that no alcohol is to be consumed in a moving vehicle.

 If your making a right turn on a red light, do you have to stop completly or just yeild to incoming traffic?
This is IN M...

Amanda M
How to stop people parking accross my drive?

Additional Details
Sorry, no results for "people keep parking accross my drive, i have a curb that is only about 1ich high how do i stand? can they still park there? i have asked them not to park there but they still do, i have a double drive put down, because these people kept parking outside my house. What should i do now, im fed up with them keeping parking there and its stopping people parking on the other side of my drive."

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egg the car hahaha

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If a parking warden is near ask them to book the buggers. If there aren't any, all i can suggest is putting nails down, watch your tyres though. This used to happen to me in the morning when my mum tried to get out of the drive , i was late on many occasions because of the inconsiderate idiots.

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put a no parking sign.

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Park your car as close to the entrance in your drive as possible...........lay a policemans cap on the rear parcel shelf in full view................Solved!

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Quincey L
honk your horn or put a note on there car

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go get a sign that says no parking zone and that there will be a fee, that might scare them

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Veronica Alicia
Rope in a friend to park bumper to bumper at the front of the car, then you do the same at the back.
Catch the bus or a taxi and go shopping!

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If the vehicle is causing an obstruction, ring the police, they have and WILL use a power to have ANY vehicle removed and impounded, this costs the owner lots of £££'s to retrieve there vehicle back, this should deter any further parking problems.

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Buy an old 4x4 and push their car out the road.they won't do it again

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Knock them up at 3 in the morning and say you want to be out!! :>)

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Councils in this area (West Yorkshire) paint 'white crosses' on the road.
These have white lines at right angles to the kerb, about 1.5m long and are infilled with two diagonal lines to create a St. Andrews cross.They cover the width of the drive with 1m extra at each end.
They have no legal meaning but do seem to work for most people. The down side is you have to pay for them as they are not considered to benefit all drivers and therefore do not qualify for public funding.

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If they are blocking your drive and you cant get your car out, they are causing an obstruction. Put a notice on your gate/wall saying if they are causing an obstruction you will contact the police

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If you have a dropped curb and people park there blocking your exit from your property that is causing an obstruction. Bizarrely though if they are preventing you from getting onto your dive that is not deemed to be causing an obstruction. Heard this matter discussed on the radio the other day. Most UK drivers should know not to park across a dropped curb.

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On reading your question, I think a lot of people are missing the point.

Is the kerb 1" high all along the road or have you had it dropped?

If the kerb hasn't been dropped to allow access to your driveway, you are the one committing the offence by driving over the footpath and have no legal right to prevent others from parking across it.

If your driveway has been installed correctly, with a lowered kerb (carriage crossing), then other motorists are committing an offence by preventing you from leaving the property, but not for preventing you entering it.

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