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Nikki S
How to stop people from parking in front of my house?
For some reason out of all the houses on my street. everyone always parks in front of my house. and block me in my driveway. is there anyway i can get a sign or something that tells people do not park infront of m house?

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Friendly Stranger..
Yes. You can put up a sign that says "No Trespassing". Basically if you want to keep your neighbors off of your property or at least keep them from parking in front of your property putting that sign up, will usually deter them from parking there. Also you could put up some sort of blockade keeping them from parking in your area. If you have something bulky to keep them from parking then they won't be able to. Also if you must call the police to let them know of the drivers that park on your property.

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Turbulent Evil-Yup, it's me!
Obviously, your house doesn't look "mean" enough. You need a rottweiler, a confederate flag, and a sign that says "park here and I'll shoot you!"

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I thing you should get a sign saying beware of the dog or a better one a maxi um penalty of £100, Do not park here . You will probablley get them from Ebay :)

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you really cant do anything aside from being nice and asking although if they are blocking your drive way any you can call and have the vehicle towed i had to do this last year when people parked in front of my driveway and i couldn't get out i tried finding the owner of the car but couldn't so i called the cops and they told me to have the car towed. but as long as they aren't blocking your drive way you can't do much

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have their car towed...

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I like the sign idea:

"Violators will be shot, survivors will be shot again."

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You can not stop them from parking there but they can not block your drive way. Just call the police and let them handle it.

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George A
If you live on a public street, there's nothing you can do about people parking in front of your house. (US- not sure if rules are the same in other countries)

All you can prevent is them blocking your driveway- by contacting the owner & having them move their car, posting signs stating- Do Not Block Driveway, or calling the police to have the vehicle ticketed and/or towed.

Another method you can try is to go to your city council, county commission or your equivalent & see if you can have yellow stripes (or what ever color is used for no parking where you live) painted on either side of your driveway to assist you in keeping vehicles from encroaching on your drive making it hard for you to see to safely pull out and to prevent them from blocking it completely. Or see if they can give you permission to paint the stripes yourself.

With the lines painted, then there is no question that the parked vehicle is in the wrong & can easily be cited.

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Aussie Babe
It's actually easier that you think. I'm in Australia, so I called my local council who came and put a parking infringement notice on the car. so yeah, not sure how it works where you live, but try calling whoever is responsible for parking fines and tell them about you problem. The police might be able to do something about it too.

In Australia it is illegal to part in front of driveways, but some people do it. A friend of mine parked in front of my driveway one night while we caught a bus into town. Whe we came back a police officer was sitting behind his car and gave him a strict warning about it.

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In most municipalities, it is illegal for you to post signs without permission, just as it is illegal for someone to park blocking your drive. If your drive blocked, they can be ticketed. Call the police and ask if they can assist.

Or, park in front of your house yourself and force the offenders to go elsewhere.

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Here at our house we have that problem too but try asking the people who are parking their car in front of your house if they can park it somewhere else......... Maybe they will be nice if you are

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Russ B
If they are blocking your driveway, call the police, have them ticketed or towed. If they are parking on the street in front of your house, there is nothing you can do, other then politely ask them to move their car for whatever reason, the street is public property.

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If they block your driveway, call the police and they will tow them away.

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Mike B
If the access to your driveway is obscured, call police and have offenders ticketed & towed.

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Ryan R
Unless people are literally preventing you from accessing your driveway, you have absolutely no right to complain. You don't own the street in front of your house, nor do you have an inherent right to park there yourself.

Why people believe this, I don't know, because it doesn't make any sense.

But if you literally cannot drive in or out of your driveway, just call the police. Otherwise, mind your own business.

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