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How old does a car need to be to have seat belts?
1961 land rover 88 would this be required to have seat belts in i will be fitting them just wondering when the law came in and if your car was made before a certain age is it seat belt exempt thanks

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Rapid Fire
I have a 1965 Chevy p/up and a 1958 Jaguar that have both been retrofitted with the finest seat belts that money can buy. In my part of the country only ''Historic'' cars are exempt from having seat belts installed and they may not be driven on public highways.

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Martin P
Most cars in the early 60's and mid 50's seat belts were an option

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desert camel
ide say if they were fitted as standard then they must be fitted...
if it wasn't originally made with belts then ide say you dont need them...

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Dan W
Seat belts were required in 1965 models and later.

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not sure on the date that they are exempt but if you fit new belts they will come under mot rules in the yearly inspection

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David F
1965 is the date seat belts became compusary fittings in the uk,but remember,even if your motor is pre ' 65 and you have seatbelts fitted you are required to wear them whilst driving on the public highway

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Ronald cox
1963 cars and 1967 vans

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Rock Firestorm
The only time you can drive without belts legally is if your car was made without them before they were mandatory. So if you do not have belts in the car and you have not installed them, you can legally drive without them. If you put them in, then it would be illegal to take them out.

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In 1961 I am not aware of any manufacturers beside Ford and Volkswagen who installed seat belts as standard equipment. I believe seat belts became mandatory in 1964.

Correction: According to wiki, Saab was first to have seat belts as standard equipment.

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The Tank
Your Landy was made before the law making fitting of seatbelts compulsory was passed.
This law is not retrospective so you don't have to fit them.

It is undeniable that wearing seat belts save lives, and prevent some horrible injuries. If you can fit some (and use them) then it is a good idea.
Unfortunately, On a '61 Landy it's difficult to fit seat belts that are actually secure enough to be useful. It's worth a go though.

You may well be a good driver, and your car is safe - but the idiot who hits you in his BMW X5, or White Van could cause you to rattle around loose in your relatively light Land Rover and cause you some very distressing personal damage. I've seen the effects od a similar incident and it wasn't nice.

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Turtle 6
I don't know if there's any exemption, but any vehicle made in 1964 and later must be equipped with seat belts.

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As far as i know, your car must have seatbelts if it came with seatbelts from the factory. I think some cars were a little different than others. (Say a company installed seatbelts 2 years before they were mandatory) They would still need to be in the car now. So in short, if it came with them out of the factory, you need to have them in it.

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Saab was the first car manufacturer to introduce seat belts as standard in 1958 for the Saab GT 750.

Volvo introduced it in 1959.

Most U.S. automobiles were sold with front seat belts standard in the 1964 model year. Rear seat belts were made standard in 1968.

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Pre 1965, it doesn't need seatbelts;


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I have a 1963 Series IIa diesel and that definitely does not need belts.

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