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 UK Law, can I carry a small child in my car when I have no seat belts fitted?
I have a classic car, which predates the law requiring seat belts. I do not wish to fit belts as it makes the car non original. I can legally drive it without belts, but cannot comply with the ...

 When riding a road legal quad. do you by law require a crash helmet.?
ive asked the local police station and they said yes. but ive seen at least 20 people on quads on the road without one, including one in the paper of a bloke on a £25000 one on the m50 motorway. no ...

 Having in-dash dvd screen installed in the front dash for passanger to watch while driving. For or against it?
Let say you can bypass the parking brake video lock-up feature.
Other distractions: billboards, looking at the mapquest print-out, map, navigation screen, police cruiser even have a a big-o ...

 What is a skid?
in terms of ...


 Why don't caravan owners have to pay some form of vehicle tax when they are towing their vans on UK roads.
Caravans are getting bigger as are the cars that tow them. This now means that a caravan and it's towing vehicle can be as long as an articulated lorry. However, there is currently no tax on ...

 Why not lower the US speed limit for autos as Jimmy Carter did?
You would save lives and energy by going to 60 MPH...

 I changed lanes, and this guy high beamed me twice and then sped by?
what did that mean? I didn't cut him off... Was he mad?

I entered the freeway, sped up to the speed limit, 65 MPH, and then I changed to his lane, and then this guy in a black ...

 Are truck stops Dangerous at night?(lot lizards, etc.)?
I'm going through truck driving school right now , but I was wondering one thing. I'm gonna be going OTR, and I've heard a lot of stories about lot lizards and such, and was wondering ...

 What is the maximum speed limit for urban areas in the UK?

 How do i get the police to enforce handicap spaces.?
my parents live in Rochester Indiana and they have been told by both the mayor and police that they can't and won't enforce the law does he need a lawyer or is there another ave to to first?...

 Is it against the law to drive a little car, carrying ?
Here's the thing! I want to pick up an interior door from someone,it has to be today.
Im trying to get a hold of my other friend that has a van.

If I pick up the door, with my ...

 If you have a low vehicle, how should you approach high humps?
they say you should perform a turn so it would not hit the muffler or chassis..
i have seen vehicles turn when they approach a hump..
does this differ from driving straight and slowly?

 I Need Reasons Why The Driving Age Should Be raised to 16?
i't for a school ...

 12 hour drive--what should I do to prepare my car for a safe trip?
I'm taking it in for a balance and rotate, anything else I should check?...

 Fender bender in parking lot?
A car was parked in a parking lot, not in a parking spot, but next to the last spot. So, that spot had a white stripe on one side, but not on the other. My friend's car hit it at 5mph while ...

 Why can't you use a car seat after it's expiration date?

Additional Details
For those of you that may be a little slower I'm talking about an infant car seat!!!...

 Is it legal to change lanes IN an intersection?
(at a light)...

 I have an air con gas leak somewhere on my car is it dangerous?

 Hurry! is this a fake email im to young to know?
Hello there,
I am glad to hear that you are interested to buy my 2006 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class. Although I am registered in US, but I recently moved in Portugal (where my family is from) and the ...

How often does a car accident happen around the world????
asking this just out of my curiosity.....

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Chris S
by the time you have finished reading this a like 4 crashed will have happened. i dont know how many deaths there are in those but you can always google something like that. i guess the point i really want to make is that now there were about 12 crashes by the time you finished the answer

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Around the world, every 4 seconds...........

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Ben 10
it happens on average every 4-5 sec's thats how bad it is...

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Lil Jay Chou
Probably about at least once every second.

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who knows

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Brock M
every 1.597877777767 (repeating of course) seconds.

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right now!....................................... now!...........................right now!....................................... now!................................you get the point.

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5 time is a hour

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Car accidents do NOT happen. They are caused.

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like every second

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