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Sean Monro
How long can you drive before you must have a break? And how long must you have a break for?

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A C.D.L. (Truck Driver) has to "shut-down" after 10Hrs. Driving or "On-Duty"(working-not driving) after 12Hrs. "unless driver is oil-field exempt" it is 15Hr. "On-Duty" status, but all must "Break" for a 10Hr. "Off-Duty" status.
It depends on what "Driving School" you go to or use. My employers "Driving-School" that is "Private" says; "Any Driver who feels "fatigue"(tired) should stop as soon as possible, at a safe location, and either get out and "stretch or walk" for 15mins. or take a 30min. "power-nap" then evaluate yourself. If too tired still then take a 2Hr. nap, and evaluate your condition.
A note: if you haul "Haz-Mat"(Hazardous Material) like I do; then you have to stop every 100Mi. or 2Hrs. to get out and check your load, truck, and walk to refresh yourself.
Above all; every driver should "pull-over" when they feel tired, to either "stretch or nap" so "fatigue" does not interfere with their driving and safety. It is better to be safe and late; than to be tired and dead, never to arrive to your destination!!!
You only know how much your body can take behind the wheel, so don't push it too far!
Good Luck on your travels!!

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i can drive about 4-6hrs straight with popping those stay awake pills and i would need at least a 2 hour break!!! if i can sleep

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I have a spinal injury ,so when i take long trips i stop every hour and a half.If the trip is long I also take a meal break .
Regular breaks usually last 10 minutes.

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it depends on what you are driving. If you are driving with a tachograph, you must have at least 30minutes within the first six hours. Otherwise it is best to have a break every couple of hours if you are not used to driving long distances.

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George K
Drive 8 hours,and break for four.

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Whilst not defined in Law the Highway Code gives the basis and can be quoted in a court of law. It has the following to say in relation to tiredness and driving....

80: Driving when you are tired greatly increases your accident risk. To minimise this risk make sure you are fit to drive. Do not undertake a long journey (longer than an hour) if you feel tired
avoid undertaking long journeys between midnight and 6am, when natural alertness is at a minimum plan your journey to take sufficient breaks.

A minimum break of at least 15 minutes after every two hours of driving is recommended if you feel at all sleepy, stop in a safe place. Do not stop on the hard shoulder of a motorway
the most effective ways to counter sleepiness are to take a short nap (up to 15 minutes) or drink, for example, two cups of strong coffee. Fresh air, exercise or turning up the radio may help for a short time, but are not as effective

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yvonne w
I,d say 8 hours with acouple of 15min breaks

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Each person is different.

As you get older you need more frequent and more longer breaks -- with adequate water intake. Caffeine is also useful.

And ignore any Jeremy Clarkson type macho attitudes.

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you should have a 20 minute break every 2 hours!!!!

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kevin m
if your refering to tacho you can drive 4.1/2 hours before taking 45 mins slit into 15 min breaks if normal driving comon sense

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There's no law regarding this as far as driving a car goes however it is an offence to drive whilst you are almost asleep through fatigue therefore it is best if you were to drive no more than three hours at any one time and ate the first signs of tiredness open a window and pull over at the earliest and safest point in time.

With regard to the tachograph laws I have to disagree with what you have put in your answer (This is for answerer number one).

The tachograph law or should I say the driving hours law to give it it's correct title actually states that you must have a break of 45minutes within the first 4.5 hours of continuous or accumulated driving. However if you work for a 9-hour shift and during that time you do not accumulate 4.4 hours driving then you are not required by law to have a break.

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