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How does all wheel drive differ from four wheel?

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All wheel drive means all four tires are used at all times. Four wheel means it usually uses two, but you can change it to use all four.

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It doesn't. It's just another fancy way of saying the same thing.

All wheel drive = 4 wheel drive.

Unless of course the vehicle doesn't have 4 wheels!

Some 4WD/AWD systems can be switched to 2WD.

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lets say your doing 75mph on a highway and rain water has collected on the right side of you lane with a AWD the on bored computer will reduce the power to the right wheels and add power to the left so you're tires don't lose traction and car doesnt loose control for that split second.
that also works on turns
making a left turn the power will be reduced on the left tires and added to the right side for a much safer and better turn.
The on bored computer constantly changes the amount of power each tire gets
Example on the left turn
FL 15% FR 85%

RL 15% RR 85%

unlike a 4WD puts out a constant 25% of power to each wheel no matter what
FL25% FR25%

RL25% RR25%

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In 2WD drive mode both function in the same manner, but in 4WD mode all-wheel evenly distributes power at the correct time to each individual wheel but four wheel provides the same constant amount of power across all four wheels. All-wheel-drive is better on a race track, 4WD is better off-road.

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2WD = Power is distributed to the front or back axel (depending if front wheel drive or rear wheel drive) evenly at a constant rate.

4WD = Power is distrubuted to both axels evenly at a constant rate.

AWD = Power is distributed at a variable rate to each individual wheel based on driving conditions, type of road, vehicle weight distribution at a corner, etc. And is calculated via a special proprietary computer.

Every car manufacturer tries to approach the calculations such a computer does differently, based on their years of reasearch in car performance. For example, Subaru is considered by some to be the "king" of All-Wheel-Drive for their special rally inspired AWD systems they put in their cars.

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