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How do you turn in someone who is driving with a suspended licence?
I know someone who is driving with a suspended licence due to obtaining a few DWIs. This person also does not have insurance on their vehicle. I am concerned about the safety of others who drive because this person still drinks and drives. How doI report him -to the DMV or the police?

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why do you feel it is any of your business<

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You can call the cops but good luck getting them to do anything. I know someone like that here in OK who is under suspension for the SECOND time for DUI *and* possession of drugs while driving, and they never had insurance even before the 2nd suspension. Oh, and they still drive high, drunk, and still deal drugs. This is what is on the road with you, folks! I have called non-emergency when I’ve seen them driving, given them the person’s name, social, DL#, tag #, make/model of vehicle, description of suspect, place of employment, home address, everything! I have reported them multiple times but the cops have done NOTHING, even though this person has a busted out headlight and expired tags. The person has to pretty much do something really bad in their presence saying, “Look at me! I’m a criminal!” before anyone will get off their butts and arrest them. The TPD is the biggest joke. Hope you have better luck than I did.

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George A
Contact your local precinct using the non-emergency number and give them the person's name, type of vehicle, registration number and anything else you can provide if asked.

Once dispatch has enough information, a broadcast will be issued (BOLO) with the description of his vehicle, registration number, direction of travel, etc and if an officer sees the vehicle before he gets to where he's going, they should initiate a traffic stop, run his OLN & bust him right then & there & impound the vehicle- if he is in fact suspended & has no proof of insurance.

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like my &quot;cow lick&quot;?

they both need to know immediately.

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go to the cop station
and tell them..

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Call the police, and if you have their license plate number provide that when you call.

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In order for the police to carry out any action they would have to stop that person - bottom line. You may still report them, but the police cannot do anything until they stop that driver in action.

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Just call the police department

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Call the cops... with the license plate number
or, wat u can do is... when u know the person is out driving.. call the cops... give them the person's address... when the person comes back.. BANG!!!!!!!!!! caught red handed...

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