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you must be one of those idiots....

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old gray fox
How do you get a car up a hill in the snow?
I live in a apartment and it was built on the side of a small hill.I've been trying to get my car up the driveway but because of the snow I 'm suck and can't get out.I live in alabama and it rarely snows here and I have no snow-chains to put on my tires.So I was wondering if somebody up north could give me some advice about how to drive in the snow and ice and get my car unstuck?H-E-L-P P-L-E-A-S-E!!!
Additional Details
I forgot to say that I called for a wreaker this afternoon but they said thet wouldn't go out in this weather and chance wreaking their wreaker.My car is still parked where i left it last night but the tires just spin and have no traction

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Spray bleach on tires

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Get off your *** and push.

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well if your stuck in the car i would say call a toe truck for help

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Jon S
your gonna have to shovel a couple tracks so you can drive it up. and people like me in minnesota dont bother with cars we get 4x4 so we dont have to deal with the snow

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Maria G
...park it and then WALK the few minutes it might take to get home

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Lil D
Well since you don't have chains, i doubt that you have snow tires. But the thing that works for me is just speed heading up the hill, keep trying!
Try kitty litter to create traction with the tires.
Other than that.. Good Luck!

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Put some flat sheets of decking under the wheels.

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Try spreading kitty litter under the wheels. Also, kosher or rock salt is a big help. You can even use table salt if the snow is not too deep.

Use the minimum power that you can so that the wheels do not spin.
It may be that you will need to shovel the snow off the street behind you, and salt it, and shovel in front of your car, too.

I hope that this helps, as it is difficult to explain how to drive in snow and ice with just words. The snow and ice will soon melt.


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get a few guys and push it out!
thats how we do it in michigan

or call a tow truck

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Sand underneath the wheels. When I lived in Pitts. I used to keep a bag in the trunk this provided weight which helped keep the car steady. I also used to live on a hill, and would have to take a running start to get up the hill. this can me a little scary. If you are not used to driving in the snow, perhaps you should just leave it where it is until the snow melts.

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Andrei S
you put it in 4x4 or shovel your driveway and use salt before you enter or you could just push the accelerator all the way.

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Well, since you don't have snow-chains, I suggest getting a bag of salt and spreading it out across the driveway to deal with the ice and some of the snow after you shovel.
It's useful, and I sometimes think we have more salt spread out than snow in my area of Detroit. x] [Michigan]
If it's still stuck, get someone with a truck to hook up to you, and have them back you out and try to clear the path.

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take some sidewalk salt preferably, or some cat litter, something like and stuff it under the tires -
or let the car slide back down the driveway if you can, and get a good start and let 'er rip and don't stop, but don't run into the building either
it's really kind of an artform

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Being from Wisconsin I have this problem a lot. The best idea if small amounts of tire spinning doesn't work, grab a small shovel and start to dig out the snow from the drive train wheels ( front, rear, or all ). Or if you don't want to do a lot of work grab a few old towels lay them flat as close to the tires as possible and drive up on them it should give you enough traction

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any sand or something of the sort available??? Try spreading some on the hill

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luosechi 駱士基
Get yourself a pair of snow treads (they're good in mud too) if you don't want to walk home.

Reminds me once I was driving a government car around Atlantic City airport and got stuck in the snow... called the motor pool, and they sent out a tow truck - that got stuck too. Finally a huge crane got us both out☺.

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Dan B
I use to live in the hills of New York in the snow belt. We planned ahead. Park so that you are facing downhill or on a level surface. Sure, we had to walk a little extra distance to get to the car, but the car was mobile.

If it is frozen, ice, snow, it ain't moving up hill. Physics will prove that.

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Hi old gray fox,

This won't help in the short term, but I'm surprised no one has mentioned emergency strap-on tire chains like these:


They are intended for installing quickly to get out of a tight spot, then drive a short distance, then be quickly removed.

I learned to drive during a snowy winter in an area that is usually snowy all winter long, so I learned to be quite comfortable driving in snow. By the time I was 18 I was confidently sliding into iced-over shopping mall parking spaces (on studded tires), not that I'd do that today. But now I live in a hilly area where it rarely snows (Seattle area), and most people around here are completely unprepared for when it does snow. When it does, a 15 minute commute turns into a 3-hour gridlocked agony, puncuated by terror when the driver of a large SUV or pickup spins their tires at very high speed, resulting in their big heavy truck jerking all around like a drunken sailor. Of course, people in small cars do that too; it's just not as terrifying.

In addition to the emergency strap-ons, I would also recommend the best tire chains: "Shur Grip Z" by Security Chain Company:


These chains are better than cheap ones because:

-- They are much easier and faster to install and remove.
-- They do not require stopping periodically to check and adjust.
-- They stay on much better, at higher speeds. I got tired of losing cheap ones when they fell off in places where I couldn't stop.
-- Tires don't spin inside them when you're trying to get going from a stop, because they are self-tightening.
-- The Z pattern avoids the heavy vibration caused by the standard ladder pattern. Smoother ride, and lets you go faster.

With Shur Grip Z, I drive around like nothing is out of the ordinary while others spin around, drive at crawling speeds, or just don't drive at all.

Even though it rarely snows here, it sometimes gets icy, and that's more dangerous than snow. If that's true where you live, I'd also recommend winter non-studded tires if you have the space to store whatever set of tires you're not using at the time. Studded tires are great in areas that are icy all winter long, but impractical in areas where it is rarely snowy and only occassionally icy.

Today's best winter tires actually have better traction than studded tires. Even the testers were surprised at first, but it turned out to be because at the limits of adhesion, studded tires were breaking through the ice, then skating across it, while the best non-studded tires still adhered. I've tried various brands of winter tires, and the best are Bridgestone Blizzak. They are a bit expensive, but you can drive them safely on icy roads, and drive up hills that most cars can't.

Non-studded winter tires don't help you much with deep snow; that's when you still want chains. We often drive to my parents' house in the town where I learned to drive, and in the Winter I wouldn't want to make that trip without Shur Grip Z tire chains ready to put on if needed.

So here are my suggestions:

If you do nothing else, get the emergency strap-on chains.

If you're willing to go a bit further, get the "Shur Grip Z" tire chains by Security Chain Company.

If you have the storage space and don't mind the expense, get a set of Bridgestone Blizzaks, along with cheap wheels so you don't have to have the tires re-mounted and balanced twice a year (the cheap wheels will pay for themselves the first time you don't have to have that done, assuming you change the wheels yourself).

Imagine being able to just drive around like nothing is out of the ordinary, while others are too afraid to drive.

Good luck!


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