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True or false: Backup lights and brake lights are both operated by the reverse gears.

Which of the following is not considered safety equipment?


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thanks ...

 Why don't people get pulled over for driving in fog or rain without any lights on?? It's very dangerous!!!
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 What are some items (emergency) that are recommended to keep in the car??
like jumper cables, water bottles, things like that. thanks
Additional Details
ROFLMAO- first answer...ok....

How do I know the speed limit if there is no posted signs?
How do I know the speed limit if there is no posted signs? I live in Massachusetts and i just got my permit recently. Please help! Thank you

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Massachusetts has an unique unposted limit law. If a limit is not posted outside of a thickly settled area, you are not speeding unless you exceed 50 (divided highway) or 40 (undivided) for a quarter mile. In a thickly settled area other than a school zone, exceeding 30 for an eighth of a mile is speeding.

MGL 90-1 defines: "Thickly settled or business district", the territory contiguous to any way which is built up with structures devoted to business, or the territory contiguous to any way where the dwelling houses are situated at such distances as will average less than two hundred feet between them for a distance of a quarter of a mile or over.

Residential 25mph.

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woody s
unposted speed limits aren't the same everywhere, but most states follow these guidelines....
residential area, 2 lane - 25 mph
non-residential with turn lane - 35 mph
undivided(no median or barrier) 4 lane - 45 mph
divided 4 lane - 60 mph
2 lane hwy, within city limits - 45 mph
2 lane hwy, rural - 55 mph

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Go to your DMV and get a book, but you should've already read that in a book if you've got a permit.
Wow y'all are saying 55-65 on Interstates. lol In Texas interstates are usually 80 in day 70 in night. lol But everybody goes 85.

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Brandon H
Residential (houses, people living) is 25mph if not less.

Business (anywhere where there are shops, restaurants, basically any place of business) is 35mph.

Random roads (anyback or country roads, any long stretch of roads that fill into neither category of business or residential) is 45mph.

Freeway/highway tends to be around 65mph and 55 for trucks or autos with trailers.

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small neighbor hoods 25 under back roads 45 under city roads 35 under freeway 60. they have a general speed limits on what types of roads in they driver licenses book (free at any DMV) they will let you know for sure for your area maybe you should read the book.

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Carman Nguyen
Read the state's driver manual,where you learn to get your permit,it says in there,local,main street and highway speed limits.

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Try your states' website. It should be www.massachusetts.gov or something. I live in Michigan, and I know we have 'general' speed limits, like 45 on basic main roads, 25 in subdivisions, etc.

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Try reading your drivers book again it will tell you.

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Most small neighborhood roads are 25-30 mph. School Zones usually are 15mph when the schools are letting out. Most inster-state highways are 55-60 and most major roads are between 35-45mph. Just stay a little bit below what you think it is and you should be fine. Don't draw attention to yourself by mashing down on the gas and revving your motor loud while driving. Obviously use common sense.

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