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Boo B
How can I make a car parked on the street right infront of my home go away???

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leave a note on the car to politely ask them to park somewhere else. or if you have a homeowners association let them know and they will talk to who ever it belongs to. or if its bad enough tow it at their exspense.

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~ Floridian``
Spreading broken glass works well, or how about a sign, stating..."Blind Driver Parks Here"!

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if the street is public your out of luck

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besides rollin over it with a bulldozer, nothing unless there is a sign clearly saying 'no parking', or if it's parked in front of the driveway.

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Try Prestidigitation.

If that fails, try talking to the police. They will know if any ordinances prohibit parking there

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Unless it is blocking a driveway, mailbox, or fire hydrant there is not alot you can do if it is a public road.
Check the ordinances in your area to see if they are in violation. If they are then you can call the police and they will ticket the vehicle.

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If it's a public street and it's not marked as no parking, there isn't anything you can do, except ask the owner if they wouldn't mind parking elsewhere.

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how long has it been there (in Los Angeles) if its
been over 72 hours you can call 1800 abandon
or Los Angeles department of transportation parking enforcement office to report the car as abandon
(who knows the car could have been stolen)

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El Jefe
Is there a parking ordinance where you live? A lot of places, vehicles left in the street over a certain time (24 hours to 7 days or so, depending on locality) can be considered to be abandoned and can be towed away.

Do you know the owner? Maybe a friendly but direct conversation with him might make it go away without all the hassle.

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Scott H
If the car is on a public street, it's legal to park there. If it's been there for a specific amount of time (depends on the laws in your town) and hasn't moved, the city may consider it abandonded and have it towed and impounded. Call the police.

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Try the city or county where you reside~~~They usually have so many hours that a vehicle can just sit without anyone coming to get it or having it towed away. It doesn't say how long its been there, but try to be kind and think it might be YOUR vehicle stuck some place no close to your home and you not having AAA or some ways to get it out of there. Try to remember the Golden Rule. It will come back to you when you least expect it! You never get to choose HOW or WHEN it returns, either.
Have a great day!

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The Mr. Pine
There is no way to legally tell him to move. You can ask but if he is not blocking your driveway he does not have to move.

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Rhymes with Orange
First, check your parking by-laws indicating how long a car can be parked on your street (often the laws state you can't leave a car in the same spot for more than 24 hrs, or something like that). If it has been there a long time, contact the city and tell them you think the car has been abandoned on your street. They will likely run the registration and check, and if they can't get in touch with the owner they will tow it.

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If it's a public street, then they have a right to park there.

Check local city laws on how long a car can be parked at a specific location. Most cities have a limit on how long a car can be parked in a single location in a public area. (Typically a week in the same location before it must be moved) But these tend to be city laws and the car will typically be ticketed and then towed if not moved shortly afterwards.

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