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 Flame throwers and smoke bombs for cars....?
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 Compared car safety features?
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 It is negative 12 degrees out, about negative 30 with windchill. Tire pressure?
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Additional Details<...

 Have you seen a car wreck recently? Do you know if cell phones were the cause?

 Maxi-Cosi car seat. When do i need to take the seat insert for newborns out?
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 Driving test vehicle check list?
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 [ inexperienced driver ] Can any just join any lane when turning left or right ?
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any exception ...

 Is it illegal to put a sign that says "protected by security cameras" in a parking lot when it really isn't?
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 Other drivers wont let me drive safely HELP...?
I'm a new driver and I've been told about the "one car length for every 10 mph" rule. But, when i try to use this on the highway where there's about 6 to 7 car lengths (60...

 If I get pulled over in indiana and my passenger over 18 isn't wearing a seat belt ..will i get the ticket?
I would like to know the answer, without a doubt. If you have a reliable source, please include it. Thanks!...

 Are Volkswagon Buses safe?
i want one and my parents say that we have to see if they are dangerous, so can someone tell me saftey points/...

 Percentage of drivers stopping behind the line turning right?

 What is driving school like?
I'm starting Monday. It's 3 hours a night for two weeks. Is it like school? Do they call on you to answer questions?
what's it like?...

Has anyone ever been in accident where the left turn arrow did not give enough time?
I was the driver in an accident last weekend The left turn arrow was green car behind me was going straight i turned when i was halfway through the arrow went yellow then immediatly disapeared making the light green and not protected anymore i continued my turn otherwise would have been hit by oncoming traffice in the first lane the guy in the far right lane must have started going through before his light changed green he hit me full force wich spun me around and i ended up facing traffic oppisite of where i was going my car may be totalled we dont know yet the guy who hit me said it was my fault because his light was green but my arrow was green then yellow then disapeared i could not just stop in the middle of my turn i would have been hit either way this guy could have avoided hitting me completly if he had just waited a few more seconds before entering the intersection. The officer told me it is a goofy light and i was not issued a sitation it is now up to the insurance companies to determine who is at fault. how can two people have green lights at the same time when there is a green arrow to start with Did the traffice light malfunction. im really bugged about this because since the accident i have driven down the same street and have seen at least 4 drivers do the same thing i did ,and two of them ran the yellow.

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Todd R
have had close calls but never a wreck in the middle of the intersection. There is one light in June 23, 2006 that was a Green arrow and by the time I was in the Cross Walk it was gone and had to stop suddenly. I thought damn that arrow was quick no even 5 seconds. Lucky no one behind me hit as drivers here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA don't care about the color of the lights.

Saw a MINI van get spun around after a girl talking in her cell phone ran a red light and broadsided the van. Rather than stopping or pulling into a parking lot to her right she continued on for a half a block before stopping in a parking lot. I followed her on foot and told the police were she was stopped. Luckily no one was seriously hurt and the girl didn't get away before police arrived. She probably was charged with hit and run and other charges.

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High School Sophomore
In November of 2007, we were at an intersection and the light was green, but there was no arrow. There was no one coming, so my mom decided that she could safely make a left turn since the road was "clear". We got halfway across the intersection when a speeding car that was supposed to be stopped like the rest of the cars hit us. He was in the wrong lane. He was in the turning lane, but his intent was to go straight.

Anyway, the car hit on the passenger side where i was sitting, and the impact was strong. We were only going like 20 mph and the car that hit us was going like 35. The impact caused us to do a donut in the road, and i was severly shaken after this accident, and my side was stinging from the impact. The driver stopped, and sat in his car for a minute, and then tried to come over to us. The paramedics arrived and a good samaritan came to see if we were alright. My mom decided that i should go to the hospital and get checked out, which i did, and they said that i should stay home the next day.

Our car was classified as totaled because the axel that supported the tire was bent which made the car look a little lopsided, and the passenger side rear door was severly dented and wouldn't even open because it was hit so hard.

We ended up getting charged for the accident, because we didn't wait for the arrow, and our insurance company had to pay for his car, even though he was in the wrong lane and hit us.

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Depends how far back he was as to who I see at fault. If he was sitting at the light and his light was red when you were starting I'd say he was at fault. If he was driving up to the light, coasting like I tend to do to red lights, and sees his light turned green then gets up to the speed limit I'd say you would likely be found at fault. Cop didn't give you a citation so that will help, BUT the law still will call it your fault and it is likely the insurance company will. Your best hope is to contact the insurance company and have them see the light, to help your side. I don't think anything happened with your light, more likely if he was at the light he is one of the idiots who only go by the other lights. You see them all the time. Oh east/west is red so as soon as north/south turns red they'll start to go, ignoring that east/west may have a turn arrow on one side. When I get to a red light I wait until it turns green to move, and watch to make sure that no one is turning.

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David B
As long as you entered the intersection under the green light, you can complete the turn. Even if the other guy got a green light, it doesn't mean he can floor the pedal regardless of what's in front of him. He's supposed to be responsible and look at what's in front of him. That's why people who rear-end other people are usually at fault....they should have been looking in front of them and taken precautionary steps.

Some intersections will wait before giving a green light (so that the traffic in the intersection has time to clear). Thus, you might see an intersection with all 4 directions stopped for a second. However, some intersections don't pause, and they'll give a green light immediately to an opposing direction.

The other guy is fighting it because he knows that he is at fault. He wasn't looking at where he was going, and he was most likely in a hurry.

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You should file a complaint with the city or county that maintains the lights. It's possible that no one has bothered to do so yet.

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