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Drove with emergency break on by accident?
Hi, today i accidentally left my emergency brake on, as i was leaving a friends house, and i drove about 5 miles with it on. What problems will this cause. Everything seemed fine with the breaks after, but i am worried i might have messed up the breaks bad. Will my car be ok. This is the first time, this has ever happened.

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yes you will be ok. if your car is automatic you don't need it. and see if you can adjust the emergency brake cable asap.

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The E-Brake only applies the rear brakes at about 15 % of normal braking force - In 5 miles you might have gotten the drums good and warm and put 1 or 2 % of excess wear on the shoes but you did not create any serious damage.

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this happens...although its not good to heat up your breaks your car shuld be fine... worst thing that could have happened....your car could have cought on fire....worst thing that may have happened in your case is it cost you more fuel to get where you were going...if your car stops fine I wouldn't worry. drive safley.

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Big Bruce
You may have overheated the rear brakes, or maybe not.

If you did, it may have damaged the rear drums or rotors, and maybe the rear brake shoes.
The entire purpose of a parking brake is to keep the vehicle from moving at all until you release it.

If you apply it properly, you can't go anywhere without a great lot of effort. If you don't apply it properly, then it doesn't do any good, other than as a procedural step in parking.Many cars have an "idiot light" to warn you that your brake system in not in 'normal' driving configuration.

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Everyone at one time or another does that. No big deal. Stop your car and put the emergency brake on and then see if it still holds.

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If you know someone who can check your brakes for you, it might be a good idea to ask. My mom once drove my car with the e brake still engaged, and the rotars got warped and needed to be replaced.

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Nothing bad will happen, you just wore down your brakes so you will have to replace them sooner than if you didn't leave the E-brake on.
Don't worry lots of people have done this

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The e brake simply applies the Rear brakes on the car. You might have caused a weeks worth of wear on it, but a week isn't too bad cuz the rear pads last a long time anyways (I usually have to change the back pad every other time i change the front ones. I wouldn't give it a second thought

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