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 Number of registered drivers?
Number of registered drivers in the U.S. by age group?...

 Reasons to drive when you are 17.? ?
Reasons to drive when you are 17.?
ok, my dad is refusing to let me drive when im 17, as he says there is too many cars on the roads and its too dangerous. can anyone thin of any arguments ...

 Oregon's seat belt law, was it voted in by voters or mandated by law makers?
I am writing a paper for my college class on the seat belt laws in Oregon, and can not find the origin of the law. help!...

 Driving illegally Offenses?
i was wondering what would happen if you end up getting caught by the police driving when you have no lisence, but have a permit and are able to get a lisence in a little over a month...And your ...

 Does anyone know about driver's Ed?
How do I go about getting certified to be a student driver teacher (in NC)...

 This is my first time driving in the winter. Any suggestions or tips?
I live in MI, and it's starting to get pretty icy and stuff on the roads. What are some things i should be prepared for or expect when driving in sleet, snow, ice, hail, etc??
any ...

 Drivers Ed and Driving Tomorrow! help!?
Okay so I just started drivers ed last week and i have already had 3 classes...tomorrow I am assigned to go driving with my teacher for the first time for an hour with my friend who is also going to ...

 Is it okay to take my road test?
i have to take my road test soon. and i've barely ever driven in the snow before. will they be easier on me since its snowing? should i wait until spring or just take it anyway?...

 Can you give give me reasons why the driving age should be changed from 16 to 20?

 What Kind of tires Do I get?
Okay I need new tires...BAD!! My back passenger side tire gets low every 2-3 days...I do alot of driving at my job and I can't afford to get a flat or have a blowout! I am going tommorow ...

 Pls what is 1000rpm which is found at the left of the steering wheel near km/h?
I would be v happy if l can get the main functions of that meter. T...

 What can be done to stop people from speeding aside from police activity?
In otherwords, on a highspeed highway can anything be done aside from enforcement to encorage people not to speed?
Additional Details
Montana now has speed limits....

 Help with driving test?
im taking my driving test tomorrrow, any tips on when to shoulder check, and do a 360, and about turning in intersections?...

 What would happen with this ticket?
Ok so I got a ticket for not parking my car front in first, i backed in. I got a ticket.
I crumpled it and threw it on the ground, its the stupidest ticket I've ever heard of....

 How many airbags do these cars have ?
Does any of you know how many airbags the new Audi A4 B8 and the Ford Mondeo third generation have ???
Pease help ...

 Going for my driving test tomorrow morning any words of advice ?
Im nervous but confident any suggestions to keep in mind ?
Thank you :)...

 What happens if i use 215-65-16 tires instead of the recommended 205-60-16 tires?

 Why should the driving age be raised in MI?

 Top reasons cyclists have accidents?
Top reasons cyclists have accidents with vehicles ?...

 Are there any studies that show an increase in recent decades in the average size of fire trucks in the US?
Or an increase in the size of tractor trailers or city buses....

Does smart cars have airbag?

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Friendly Stranger..
Yes. Not only do smart cars but regular vehicles that don't have all of the features that smart cars do. The only cars that do not have air bags are cars that were made before the early 90's. Air bags come standard in all vehicles now because they increase safety in the event of a crash.

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All cars have air bags

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Yes they do......comes standard with driver and passenger front airbags.

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