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 The Highway Or Motor Vehicle Code?
What is the highway or motor vehicle code?...

 1903 Springfield what is the on off switch its not a safety?
i know were the safety is it says ready and safe its right on the bolt action now lower and to the left of the bolt action theres a switch that says "on off" and does not effect the ...

 2 yrs son over 40 lbs/ car seat question!!!?
My son is 40.5 lbs and almost 40 inches tall - big 2 year old! I do have the Britax Marathon (good up to 40 lbs); but now I must move on to a booster.

My question is do I need the back ...

 Why is it so hard to find a lemon law lawyer in my area?
I need a lawyer.....high desert are CA....anyone??!!???...

 Help! I'm terrified to drive...?
I started learning to drive last year, and I'm about to get my license next month. But the problem is, I'm really afraid. I never was that excited about it in the first place, because ...

 Minor car accident in San Diego, CA?
i was in an accident where someone backed out of a driveway while I was driving down a residential street. I was told that cops are not to be called unless it is a major accident or injury. Is this ...

 Flashing Lights On Government And Military Vehicles?
Why government and military vehicles have flashing lights on the front and back is this objectionable?...

 How well do Yokohama Geolanders hold up in snow and ice?
I have a 97 f-150 and am looking at the Yoko's. 315/75/16 Any insights?...

 Driving northbound on the southbound lane?
If you were driving northbound on the southbound lane of a highway, how many exits do you think you could make it before disaster?

I say 2....

 New driver with L plates?
Is it okay for a new driver having full driving license to drive a car spotting "L" sign in U.K?...

 In the state of AZ are neon lights illegal to have on the bottom of your vehical while driving?

 Is it safe for a woman to get a taxi home from a nightclub alone at night?
i mean, you're getting in a car with a man you've never met ...

 I just got my vehicle stolen and never got the chance to purchase On Star if I get it now will I be able to...?
...track my vehicle?

Or do you have to activate OnStar from inside of the vehicle?
Please help!...

 Do you get better at freeway driving by continuing to do it?
my dad followed me on the freeway and saw that i was swerving periodiclly. i was not under the influence of anything. im 16 and a new driver. i need some proof that by continuing to drive on the ...

 What happens if you fail in-car?
I'm from Ohio, and I passed my two- week driver's education classes, but I failed the in-car portion. The driving instructor didn't say whether or not I have to re-do the entire course,...

 This is just a random question cause i was bored?
Your dad is driving on the freeway when this car pulls out in front of him causing them to crash your dad gets out the car and starts cursing when the other person gets out the car u find out its ...

 Someone drove past(well speeding)?
and i received a a prosecution letter, is this possibly theirs, that we got as we drove past a camera roughly same time as they were going quite fast than ...

 Do i have to pay the towing fees if my car has met with an accident. san frm (mumbai).?
no one was hurt
no damages to other car.
but my cars left tyre was flat and axel was damaged so couldnt move the car.it went over the divider to the opposite side....

 Had a wreck in truck dont know what to tell parents?
well we were driving on gravel and long story short my friend wrecked and completely ****** up his truck. now hes scared about what his parents are gonna say to him (there kinda strict). any ...

 How can I make my car as theft-proof as possible?
I have a 92 Accord and am trying to keep it from being stolen. I have two things in mind the brake club and a kill switch. Can someone answer these three questions?

(1) Is there anyway for ...

Does it matter if you have the same brand on all 4 tires on your car?
I only need to replace my front 2 tires and I can't find anyone who has the same tire as I do now. Will it matter if I buy the same size tire but not the same brand?

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It's best to replace all 4 tires. If that's not possible, exactly match the tires you're keeping, right down to the part number.

Put the new tires on the rear axle. Having new tires on the front and worn tires on the rear can cause you to spin out if you hit a patch of deep water.

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that`s fine as long as there the same size,

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you need the same size, but that's about it, but it's recommended that the back two tires be the same

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ir rose
It's fine, just don't mix bias and non-bias tires

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Dimo J
Tires on an axle should match. Both front tires the same. Both rear tires the same. "The same" includes treadwear as well as brand and model. If front and rear tires are the same size you will want the tires with the greated tread depth on the front -- your steering tires.

With a front wheel drive vehicle the front tires wear much faster than the rears. You need to keep up on your tire rotations to keep treadwear even between front and rear.

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no aslong as its the same size but ull probably have weird road noise because of it

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