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 Do you have to maintain 70MPH on a dual carriage way when it is safe to do so?
or can you drive at 60-70?

what do you generally do?...

 Can learner drivers take a passenger?
Hi I'm teaching the wife to drive and she is now ready for her test and driving very well indeed and it was my understanding that she could only take a passenger other that myself if they have a ...

 What should be the punishment for a drunken driver who causes death or injury to someone?

Additional Details
Tyler P....No, nothing I did or anything to do with a relative.

I contributed over $300.00 to a fellow worker permanently injured by a drunken driver.

 How long can I completely block a narrow rural road when unloading my HGV of packs of building materials?

 Why dosent schoolbus have seat bell?

 Can poplice in roadside speed camera vans catch you speeding in the dark?
I know fixed cameras will, but they flash.
Additional Details
That's POLICE and not POPLICE!...

 Can you really use air from car tyres to breathe under water?
Silly question I know - but just wondered if that an urban (or oceanic) myth!...

 Why do people drive double fat pickup trucks with four rear tires?
Is it because they have fat butts?...

 Taking my driving test tommorow, any tips?
i am really nervous, i have already failed twice, I had lessons with a driving instructor and he said I am ready. I am taking the test in southern california ...

 Cats or dogs which do prefer?

 Why did the airbags deploy after being flung forward and colliding with the steering wheel?
My friend was in a car accident yesterday. It was close to head on but at an angle. A car collided with hers and her head hit the steering wheel. Then the airbags went off launching her head and neck ...

 Can a14 year old get a hardship drivers license.?

 Why does the car fog up when couples have sex inside?

 Can children sit in the front seat of a car with their carseat if the passenger airbag is off?

 When driving with a median between you and an on coming car, should you still switch to your low beams?

 How long can you keep gas in one of those red plastic containers you get for emergencies? does the gas go bad?

 This is a driving question when emergency vehicles approach when your driving you should?

 Crash Position In Air Crashes?
Just watching QI, and Jimmy Carr said that he heard that people are told to adopt the crash position (head between legs) to preserve the teeth, so the bodies can be identified by dental records.

 Who has Witnessed a fatal gory(resulting in death) car accident?
who was it? and what happened?...

 Car Accident?
A car cut me off and i lost control crashing my car.I suffered a concussion and face bone fracture. I have filed a claim with my ins. company. I was told i hit a telephone pole and flipped my car. i ...

Do the things that go on your car to keep deer from running into the street really work?

Additional Details
...the little whistle-like things you put on the front that say they put out some sound that the deer can hear.

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I'm not sure I've wanted to try those but I have two dogs that are sometimes in my truck and I didn't want them to be bothered by it. It's recommended by PETA so it just may work.

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No they dont work. I had to put a "Cow catcher ".on my truck. Just slow down and look out. Not enough hunters theese days.

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They will work if they are placed where they get full airflow through them... but on today's aerodynamic cars.... it's hard to do.

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†ΪċКĿěď pїиК ¡ň L♥νέ w¡Ťĥ ☆Mᆆ☆
NOPE NOPE NOPE!!! they do not....

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Luna & Lawnboy
No, they do not. I researched this when I was a safety supervisor at an insurance company. Tests were done, and deer were known to amble right up to these devices which were operating via an electric fan.

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what Bull Bars? well if you hit a deer it will prevent it coming onto your windscreen and potentially injuring you. However if you hit a person it will do the same and send them under your wheels after they've been pummelled by the bull bar. Don't get one, just be observant!

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Keith G
I think they do!
I have a set on the cap of my El Camino that I put on when I drive up north and have never seen a deer or any other large animal for that matter when I take that car. I have however, seen deer when I make the same trip in my Mustang or a rental car that is not equiped with them.
Could just be dumb luck though!

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Cory G

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NO just keep your eyes open, nothing stops deer.....but your car of course. lol

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