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Do front tires wear out faster thn rear tires?

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Yes, because of the angles

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The driving tires usually wear out faster, but the front tires usually do wear more, because of the "slip angle" that occures when the vehicle is turning, there will be a "diagonal wipe" that the road will create on the tire. This will wear the tires out faster. It is very important to do a tire rotation every, or every other oil change (I say oil change because its easier to remember)

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Too many factors to just say yes or no
how you drive
front or rear wheel drive vehicle
mid rear or front engine placement
on or off road 4x4
I had a van 1977 Dodge front tires wore out faster than rear
Terrible on tires .
Then I had 1967 GTO couldnt keep rear tires on it
Same thing with my 1969 Camaro SS

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Just Me

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Yes, this is why you should get your tires rotated.

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jay p
usually.unless your smokin the rears. get a front end allignment any time it wont go straight if you let go of the wheel, even slightly, or if you hit a pothole/curb or bump firmly. does it pull when you brake? that will stress the front tires inner or outer treads too.

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yes they do because of most vehicles being front wheel drive now day they take all the wear and tear from acceleration,braking and turning so they tend to wear out much faster then the rear set all they have to do is tag along with some tread ware coming from turning

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On front wheel drive cars, the front wheels do the combined work of driving steering and braking. Yes they do wear out faster than the rear that are mostly just there for the ride. On the other hand there may be an allignment or inflation problem that is causing them to wear out even sooner..

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if your car is front wheel drive, yes
if your car is rear wheel drive, no
if your car is all wheel drive, they wear out at the same rate.

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Jim K
If the car is front wheel drive, then yes. Use you tire gauge to check pressure and rotate them according to your manuel.

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