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Did someone stuck a nail/screw on my tire?
This morning I found what appears to be a screw stuck on my back tire, it could be nothing, but the surface of the tire where it is stuck or "nailed", doesn't really make much contact with the street surface or debris (kind of like in the angle or curve of the tire).
Other suspiscious matter is that it is nailed all the way in!, and very neatly done, in other words it looks like somone nailed it on purpouse.
I should also add that I just got a new job, a well-paid middle management position, which used to be occupied by another person which some people here seem to be very fond of to this day, he was in the company for almost 25 years.
Today I had to take a taxi cab to go to work, I am afraid of driving my car and just have that damn screw mess up my tire. Will have to wait till the weekend so I can take it to service repair and see what they say. Is there a way for me to know if it is indeed nailed on purpouse?
Anyway I would like your input please, thanks for your help.

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You could have just drove over it. But if it happens again put a security camera in your car to catch the person.

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I worked in auto service for 40 years and I have seen screws and nails in some of the weirdest angles in tires and have wondered how they got there. If the screw is in the sidewall or "curved corner area" of the tire it should not be repaired. You are just asking for a blow-out as that area flexes continually when vehicle is in motion. The tire should be replaced. And as far as someone putting it in your tire, I doubt it. I've seen those and they are in the tread. Only thing in the sidewall is a knife. You are paranoid.

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i confess,,, i did it..........NOT...........

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Unless you had a security camera out there videotaping your car through the day/evening, no way in telling if it was purposely done or not, unfortunately.

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x Nirvanagirl x
Maybe. But if you work near a building site or something you could have driven over it. My dad drove over some screws when the house next to us was having work done and they were so neatly imbedded in his tire than it looked like they'd been hammered in.
But if they did hammer it in...report their butts!

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Time Will Tell
I think it too early in the ball game to consider that kind of suspicious thought and it'll ruin the new begging you have in front of you. Plus, even if your suspicion is true, which I doubt. A great attitude and well dressed smile, will defuse the problem in no time at all. Especially, if they don't win the reward of ruining your day. But you could keep it in the back of your mind, just in case there are other strange happenings. Put it under your pillow.

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k h
I've had amazing things in my tires of the years. Your tire doesn't need much contact with the road for it to happen. If the top of the screw is scratched up you definitely drove over it. If the screw is not scratched at all then you have a problem.

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I walked out of my building one day and had a flat. Three very long nails in the tire. It also looked like someone had taken a hammer and pounded them in. But more than likely, I went through a construction site.

If someone was trying to "get you", they would have screwed all your tires or keyed your car. You ran over a screw and it angled in perfectly. Try not to let your imagination run away with you.

Don't drive on the tire until you have it repaired.

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Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration
You probably just drove over it.

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Doubt it. I can think of lots better ways to bother you than taking the time and effort to put a screw in your tire. It is incredibly easy to get a screw or nail in your tire just by driving on the road each day. Remember that your tire flattens out when you're driving and that's a lot of force if you run over one.

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I'm guessing if someone was going to give you a flat, they'd use something easier (and faster) than a screw, i.e. a nail.

There's no telling how you may have picked up the screw. I'd stop being paranoid.

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No way to tell other than that you sound like a third-grader, and there may be people more qualified for your "middle management position" who are unhappy.

I'd be interested to know where you work, so I can avoid doing business there.

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no, you just ran over one.

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