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Can you drive a car with the airbags deployed?

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bobby a
Yes, i some new cars it has a button for the airbag to be on or off.

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Sure, you just have to cut the one off the steering wheel.

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Yes you can but you must notify your insurance company of this and your rates will increase.

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I remember this being one of the biggest arguments against airbags when they were first coming out in the 1970's. As a result of the concerns ALL airbags are designed to rapidly deflate after being deployed so that if they went off accidentally, sensor fault, rough roads..., the driver would be able to maintain control of the vehicle. This still holds true today. After deployment airbags deflate rapidly, to the outside of the vehicle because the gas can be hazardous to your health, so that the occupants can exit the vehicle or rescue workers can access the occupants of the vehicle without endangering themselves.

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yes but make sure you try not to breath all that filler from inside

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Ridge Craigford
Yes you can, but it might take a little trickery. You see usually when the airbags deploy, it's because the g-sensor in the front, rear or side of the car trigger them to. The g-sensor also trips a fuel cut-out switch to keep the car from catching fire in case the fuel lines were damaged in the accident. If you cut off the deployed airbag and locate the fuel-cut switch, you can reset it and be on your way. Most of them have a button you can use to reset it.

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Rock Firestorm
No. Once the airbags have been deployed, you cannot legally drive that car until they've been reinstalled.

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