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 My mom just a got ticket for no seat belt, but she had it on just under her arm.?
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Sharon M
Can a semi truck driver have a felony on his record?

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Kiffin # 1
Probably not, since I believe most big rig drivers are bonded. I could be wrong, but I believe having a felony conviction makes it highly unlikely that one could obtain a bond. (A "bond" is a sort of security clearance, backed by money which guarantees honesty and an upstanding character; I don't think a felon would qualify!).

Addendum and Clarification:

I received an email from another answerer and stand corrected; he informed me that it is the Company that pays for the bond, not the driver, so it would seem to be possible IF the company was willing to hire a convicted felon. Thanks "Gonealot!

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He has a commercial driver's license and felonies are not permitted to drive a truck.

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eddie m
yes they do hire felony just required it 3yrs or older

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the lonely now
Every company I've ever driven for would not hire anyone with a felony... Even some misdemeanors are enough to disqualify you from many jobs... Particularly with those companies that go into Canada. Often, a misdemeanor here is a felony there, and you cannot cross the border.

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Kangkung - 133
anything is possible.

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Christopher M
I would imagine it depends on the company applying to and if theyll trust you with their tractor trailer. Its usually pretty hard to get job though with a felony on your record. As far as I know though there is no law against it.

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here in fla yes bit no dui

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The Mr. Pine
It depends on the employer. Many are 7 or 4 years in the past for a time frame. It is best to know someone to get a job anyway.

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It depends on the felony. Some felonies won't let the person have a CDL. If you do have a felony, you more than likely cannot go out of the country, like to Canada without getting permission from the U.S. Government.

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Gonealot R
Yes, but you can not have violent, armed or any drug convictions or any "major" felony's. (murder, kidnapping, bank robberies, etc.) Any DUIs must be 5 or more years old and have a clean record since the DUI conviction. Although even if you're licensed you won't be allowed to haul into Canada. No felonies allowed there. The next problem will be getting hired. Many company's say no to ANY conviction, others will go on a case by case basis. Check out company's like Knight, J.B.Hunt, Gordon and Interstate, I know of drivers that have felony's working for all of them. The last company I worked for (Swift) went on a case by case basis and had several drivers who had records.

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but its harder to get hired

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