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Can a person with only use of one eye legally drive a vehicle?

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Olivia F.
I'm sure they CAN but they shouldn't. You need the best vision you can have. Having vision in only one eye would also change the way you see color, movement, and basically everything involving vision. Your driving 'blind spot' would also be thrown off.

That is only my opinion

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Turtle 6
Legally -- Yes.

Morally? Sit and think about all the pluses and minuses; ask other people to so the same. If the pluses outweigh the minuses, OK.

If I were in your position, I would NOT drive. Of course, I live where public transportation is near and reliable.

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Why not. Your average driver seems to be blind in one eye and unable to see out of the other. By the way, having one eye is called monocular.

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Dont get Infected
my best friend got his right eye stabbed with a cheese knife back when he was in 1st grade. he's been blind in it since it happened. he drives every day legally.

if it wasnt legal they wouldnt of given him his drivers license

dont listen to all the people that say they shouldnt drive. my friend drives safer than most people that have perfect vision out of both eyes. i trust my friend driving behind the wheele better than i trust my own mom behind the wheele

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Dimo J

California Vehicle Code, pertaining to licensing of drivers:

12804.9. (a) (1) The examination shall include all of the
(E) A test of the hearing and eyesight of the applicant, and of other matters that may be necessary....

(3) A physical defect of the applicant that, in the opinion of the department, is compensated for to ensure safe driving ability, shall not prevent the issuance of a license to the applicant.

It is amazing what can be compensated for.

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dale b
Sure. Ernie Irvin drove NASCAR with one eye.

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Absolutely. My dad is a USPS mail man. The one that drives the truck and puts the mail in your mailbox. He has done that for 20 years. He only has one eye. The eye that he has is actually better than 20/20 vision.

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my son is legally blind in one eye, had to have a note from his doc to get his license, (TX) he drives my truck more than me, he can spot the smallest of the farther-est. he may only have one eye but is as amazing as he is.

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Dr. 38-81-32
Yes, but your license exceptions on the back may require 3 rear view mirrors. Two outside and one inside.

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Basil T
I Can`t believe someone said no, I only have one camera and i`m a truck driver and have over a million miles under my belt as a safe driver.

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Mad Viking

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