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Can a car crash kill you at 20 mph?
i was just wondering if a car crash can kill you at 20 mph
please let me know

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Dunno - try it and see.

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It can injure you but not kill you.

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Mr T
yep especially if you are standing between the car and the wall it collides with

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Yes you can be killed at that speed. If you are sitting in your car and are not moving and another car collides into you, that too can kill you. So the speed and object you are in becomes irrelevant really.

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Certainly can. Think how much damage you can do to yourself walking into a lamp-post at just 2mph.

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Its not the speed that kills, but the deceleration, which depends on the mass, the speed prior to impact, the mass of what you hit, and the speed prior to impact of what you hit, as well as the energy absorption characteristics of your car and whatever you hit.

You also have to take account of any secondary impacts, and of whether or not you are correctly seated and restrained (i.e. belted).

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al b
most definately, suppose you get flipped and tossed out of your vehicle, or a slow speed roll over into a ditch filled with water and you can't escape. Even a seemingly minor cut can end up causing you to bleed to death if you can't get attention,

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Yes of course it can if you have a head on crash with an other car and it is doing 20 miles an hour that's a combined speed of 40 miles an hour.

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it all depends. head on collision, mabey, if you hit a tree or pole, you will prbably get injured. i dont think you would get killed tho

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yes it could. my friend had an accident at 15mph. He got t-boned. The car had no air bags he died before the cops got there.

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Yes if the circumstances are right. The faster you go the more likely you'll get killed. I backed a car into a post once at about 2-3 MPH. I could not believe the jolt.

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I don't have any figures to back this up but I would think it could, you never know about things. A jerk in a certain way can snap your neck, your head could be jammed into some sharp object in the car. Too many variables to figure, but yeah, I'm sure it COULD happen.

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Pit Bull
Of course it can. You could get a metal spike through your head at walking speed and that would kill you.
Hitting a solid object head-on at 20mph would probably squash you like a fly being hit by a newspaper.
Would recommend that you don't try it to see.

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Christian T
Well if its head on with another car traveling at the same speed thats 40mph combined. And that can kill a person.

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the bad seed
yes.. you can die at five depending on what hits where

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Michael L
If you are lying down in the road and a car runs over you at 20 mph, then - without a doubt, yes.

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Citizen DeCat
Yes, without a doubt.

20 mph doesn't sound a lot, but compare it to normal walking speed. If you've ever backed into a stationary object, even at 5 mph, the jolt is large.

If you're in a modern car with loads of airbags, and wearing your seatbelt, you are unlikely to die in a collision with a stationary object at 20 mph. If you don't wear a seatbelt, your head will continue travelling at 20 mph until it hits something hard.

I find it amazing that anyone would consider travelling in a car without a seatbelt on.

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