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Steady Eddie
Can I cross double white lines to make a right hand turn from a duel carriage way?

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within a few circumstances, yes, you can.
(avoiding another vehicle, pedestrian, etc..... and sometimes the turn you are making will cross the d/white line,,, and it may be a side/dirt road you are entering,,,etc...)... it will then be manitory to be 100% positive of no obstructions before crossing it.

but under normal circumstances,,,, no, they must not be crossed..

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No one, not even a police car en route to an emergency can go partly over, never mind cross, a double white line.

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There aren't any double white lines on dual carriageways!

In other circumstances, you may not cross a solid white line, whether it's part of a double, one on your side of a solid/broken double, or one surrounding a cross-hatched area. Consider it a physical barrier.

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assuming you are driving in the UK....i very much doubt you will find double white lines on a dual carriageway. unless the right turn you are aiming for is not to be used (the central reservation may be for the use of farm vehicles or a small residential area to gain access to the far carriageway).

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I don't really understand this question - you won't find (correct me if I'm overlooking something) double white lines on a dual carriageway.

Double solid white lines (or if the line nearest to you is solid) on a single carriageway mean "no overtaking if you have to cross the line to do so".

In other words, you may cross the line for any reason except for overtaking. Therefore you can turn right.

However, if you're talking about a hatched area which is bordered by double white lines, no you can't - but it's the hatched area you can't cross, not the white lines (it amounts to the same thing, I know).

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The Tank
I hope that you mean "dual" carriageway, although the way that some people drive "duel" could be just as accurate.

You shouldn't have double white lines to cross if you're on a dual carriageway. These roads have a solid central reservation so there aren't normally any double white lines.

If you are at one of those rare "central slip road" type junctions where there is a small slip lane built into the central reservation especially for right-turning traffic then you may encounter a double white line. This must be treated as if it were a STOP line at a regular road junction.

Generally you should never cross double white lines unless you are passing an obstructuion such as a stopped vehicle, not a going slow one or a bike, and then only very carefully.

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linda r

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Hi T
No you would have to continue on to the next roundabout, to come back on the other side, to turn left.

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No double white lines means No overtaking

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no, it is illegal to cross double white line

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Is this a trick question?
I dont know of any dual carriageways that have double white lines.

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proud walker
You must treat double white lines like a brick wall.

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