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 Is there an age requirement to open carry a fixed blade knife in va?
im not crazy or anything like that. im just curious because they dont mention it in the state ordinances....

 Turning left onto one way streets?
I have two questions:
1) On a red light, I know it's legal in some states to turn left from a one way street to another one way street. My question is, if there are 3 lanes that turn into a ...

 I rear-ended someone - help!?
First of all I know it was my fault.

Here's the story from my point of view:
We were both at a stop. I looked back to see that the car ahead of me and myself could precede. So I ...

 Can a Infant car seat expire and if yes after how many years?
I have a infant car seat that is dated 12-08-04. I dont know what that date is for. It is located by the companies information on the car seat. My question is if a car seat can expire and if yes then ...

 On my driver's side mirror, it says "objects in mirror are closer than they appear"?
What does that mean as far as how close? For example, if I see a car coming in the lane next to me that appears to be a distance away, it's actually closer, right? But if the car is closer right ...

 Does a car always explode when it is turned upside down after an accident? And if it does, can you prevent it?
Could the explosion be prevented by shutting off the ignition?...

 Saftey belt quotes..?
Okay, I have to make a poster about wearing your saftey belt and I need some kind of quote to put on it.
It can't be something conventional like:
"click it or ticket"<...

 If you saw a baby in a car, on a very hot day, would you break the window and save the baby?
I was just watching The Tyra Show about it. Honestly, I would save the baby. I mean that's a life in danger and whoever the mother is doesn't deserve to have that baby when she herself is ...

 Is the "need for speed" (car race computer game) or a moto race necessary before riding a car or a bike?

 Why do broadcasters accuse motorists who slow down when passing a road accident of rubbernecking?
When a blue flashing light is seen in the distance, only a complete fool would charge by at full speed. For all they know, the road ahead of them could be completely blocked....

 Which is safer? A honda fit or a Smart Fortwo car?
My brother and I get into a lot of arguements about which is better. He says Smart Cars are roll cages, but i think if you get hit, you're going flying. I think Honda Fits are just overall ...

 Why do cars honk at blind pedestrians?
I've noticed that some people seem to make it their duty to honk at me and other blind pedestrians when we're out walking. Do they think we can't 'see' them? We can hear the ...

 What are 5 things you should do in an emergency?
any type of ...

 I have immper driving need lic. for work what i need to do?
i don't drink any more for 2 yars now ,but no licence how i go to work can i have lic. buck like to go ...

 I am a truck driver, I live in Indiana and drove for a contract postal carrier in Atlanta GA?
I was terminated from my job after only working for a little over sixty days. Keep this in mind, I have done nothing wrong, I followed every rule to a T and kept my behavior and actions in chech ...

 Why People Shine Their Brights?
Whenever I drive at night, without fail, most people that end up behind me shine their brights on me. I've parked to check that my lights are always on whenever I drive at night. Another ...

 What is sustained high speed driving?
I was looking in my car manual and it said for sustained high speed driving I should increase my psi in my tires by 4-6 psi. What exactly is it? how fast and how far should i be going to use these ...

 Can a kid sit in the front seat if there is no air bags or is it still no?

 About cars........................
which car is faster dodge viper or aston martin dbs ..... please replay............

 Green arrow turns to regular green , do you make the turn?
do you make the turn after the arrow has changed to regular green?...

Are three people allowed to sit in the front if there are three seats with seat belts. (i.e. like old cars.)?
My car has three front seats and I'm thinking on picking up my friends and going out to dinner and i dont know if i can have someone in the third front seat

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Rick Samuelson
the short answer is no.

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Mallory B
yes but the law for children still is in effect

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Dave S
you can have as many people as there are seatbelts. Unless you just got your license (or are under 18) there may be restrictions to the number of passengers you can have in the car depending on your state.

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Yes and in most states if the car was not built with seat belts (most cars before the sixties) they can still sit in front.

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