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Airbags didn't deploy! Should we sue the dealer?
About 1 1/2 years ago we bought a used 2000 Dodge Neon. My daughter had a wreck in the car last week and the airbag didn't deploy. We have since found out that the airbags are missing but we were never told that this car had no supplemental restraint system. The letters SRS are on the center of the steering wheel and that has led us to believe we purchased a car with operational airbags. My daughter was not hurt badly but it could have been much worse. Do we have any means of recourse to either have the used car dealer replace the airbags or replace the car?

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You can sue and you have a good case because this would have had to been disclosed to you at the time of the purchase.

Many dealers will just replace the airbag covers and disconnect the light and to the common person they will never know.

Contact and speak with a lawyer and you will win this case because safety of a vehicle is the first thing that is checked before it is sold,

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You can sue whoever that did the safety test/inspection if the accident happened within 3 months from the date of purchase. If the accident occured 3 months after, it's your responsibility to keep your car in a top of safety shape.

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Your best bet is to contact an attorney but be aware by the time you pay the attorney fees, it's probably not worth it.

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Fred C
For one thing, the car was 6 years old, not new. If the airbags had deployed in any previous event, however minor or major, chances are excellent they were not replaced. Safety certifications in many states or provinces specifically state repair work doesn't have to include replacing the airbags. Check with the DMV for the proper law for your state.

For another thing, airbags do not deploy in all accidents anyway. It totally depends on the angle of impact from the front. If it is off-angle they do not deploy, because an airbag hitting a head while the body is being flung slightly sideways creates a far more serious injury.

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you should always consult a lawyer, however you have to prove the dealership sold you something with airbags (It was used so markings are not indicative ) and that they KNEW it didn't have functioning airbags.

But once again, contact and pay for a lawyer for best advice.

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If the bags weren't fitted then an error would be generated on the ECU, which would be picked up on servicing.

You would also have an SRS check light on the dash which would not go out after the basic check.

So, was it ever fitted with bags, or even a full SRS, or has someone just changed the steering wheel in order to get a few more bucks on trade-in?

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